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Access / Environmental

The project calls for a traffic signal to be relocated from Brooks Street to Trentham Place / Burnett Street along North Main Street. This offers two benefits:

  • Address the frequent unprotected turns that take place to and from Burnett Street
  • Mitigate the minimal traffic impacts from the new facility

It will not impact the White Oak Bayou trail or access to the trail system.

METRO is adhering to a federally-mandated environmental clearance process to ensure the facility has no substantial impacts onsite or to the surrounding community.

Most activities will occur in enclosed spaces within the building. The equipment laydown yard will only be used for storage, with minimal noise-generating activity. No substantial impacts to air quality are anticipated.

There will be an onsite storm water detention for the facility. Plus, portions of Brooks and Keene Streets will be reconstructed and the drainage will be improved along those streets.

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