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During the solicitation process the following requirements are in place for primes responding to solicitations with small business goals:

  • All primes must submit their small business utilization plan
  • A Letter of Intent must be submitted for each certified and non-certified subcontractor and supplier
  • The prime must meet the minimum Small Business Participation goal in their response
  • Certified primes must subcontract a portion of their contract to other certified subcontractors and/or suppliers

After the award of a contract, the prime must:

  • Adhere to all compliance requirements of the Small Business/Disadvantaged Enterprise Programs
  • Get pre-approval from the Office of Economic Business Opportunity (OEBO) prior to removing or adding certified and non-certified subcontractors to the team
  • Replace the removal of a certified firm with another certified firm (determined on a case-by-case basis) • Involve OEBO in the dispute resolution process on SB-related matters
  • Adhere to the Prompt Payment Policy on contracts with small business goals: prime must make payments to subcontractors within five business days of receipt of funds from METRO
  • Receive payment from METRO within 15 days of issuance of a properly prepared invoice
  • Meet their Small Business Goal Commitment or risk a negative OEBO evaluation on a new solicitation

Contract Compliance staff monitor all Small Business/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise activity on all METRO contracts with Small Business goals and ensures compliance with all local and federal regulations.

If you need assistance in regards to Small Business Contract Compliance, please contact Otis Johnson, Director of Small Business Compliance, at 713-615-6112 or via email at

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