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METRO provides a variety of safe, clean, reliable, accessible and friendly public transportation services that are easy to access:

  • Thousands of bus stops for local trips
  • 35+ light rail stations in and around the City of Houston
  • 25+ Park & Ride facilities outside the 610 Loop
  • 20+ transit centers with connections to other routes

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All METRO-owned transit vehicles are accessible
METRO bus operator smiling and waving hello.

Transit Services

Begin exploring our transit services by clicking or tapping on any of the tabs below. You'll find a brief overview of the service and the option to access additional information.

METRO local bus driving through an intersection in downtown Houston

All METRO buses are ADA accessible, offer free Wi-Fi, come equipped with video surveillance security cameras and can carry up to two bikes at a time on an easy loading bike rack attached to the front of the bus.

The regular fare to board is $1.25. The discounted fare is 60 cents.

Local bus routes are color-coded. During most hours each day:

  • Red routes run at least every 15 minutes
  • Blue routes run every 16-30 minutes
  • Green routes run every 30-60 minutes

View from inside a METRO Park & Ride commuter express bus with riders seen resting or wearing headphones and looking at their smartphone while seated in plush, comfortable seats.

With more than 25 Park & Ride facilities outside the 610 Loop, it's convenient to park your car and quickly access express bus service to employment centers traveling on High Occupancy Vehicle lanes.

In addition to being ADA accessible, all METRO Park & Ride commuter express buses offer free Wi-Fi so you can catch up on work, or sit back and relax with music or podcasts. They also come equipped with video surveillance security cameras and can store larger baggage and bikes in externally accessible compartments.

The regular fare to board ranges from $2-8 depending on your location. The discounted fare is half price.

METRORail vehicle passing through intersection adjacent to car traffic

The Red Line travels along Main Street connecting downtown Houston and the Texas Medical Center.

The Green Line travels along Harrisburg Boulevard connecting downtown Houston and the historic East End.

The Purple Line connects downtown Houston to both Texas Southern University and the University of Houston.

All METRORail vehicles are ADA accessible, offer free Wi-Fi and come equipped with video surveillance security cameras. You can even bring your bike on board.

The regular fare to board is $1.25. The discounted fare is 60 cents.

METRORapid moving down the road in dedidated lane with signal traffic priority

METRORapid combines elements of light rail and bus to deliver faster connections and a convenient ride. It features:

  • Modern design, with wider doorways and level boarding
  • Stations and platforms like rail
  • Dedicated, bus-only lane to move through traffic
  • Bus-friendly traffic signals

The METRORapid Silver Line runs along Post Oak Boulevard in Uptown Houston. All vehicles are ADA accessible, offer free Wi-Fi and come equipped with video surveillance security cameras. You can even bring your bike on board.

The regular fare to board is $1.25. The discounted fare is 60 cents.

Customer boarding METRO curb2curb shuttle.

METRO curb2curb is an on-demand, shared-ride service that provides customized curb to curb transportation within specific zones in:

  • Missouri City, Texas
  • Acres Homes neighborhood in Northwest Houston
  • Trinity Gardens neighborhood in Northeast Houston
  • Hiram Clarke community, east of Missouri City

You can access the vehicle at predefined “anchor points” within the zone or book a ride ahead of time so the vehicle can pick you up at the location of your choice.

All vehicles are ADA accessible, offer free Wi-Fi and come equipped with video surveillance security cameras.

The regular fare to board is $1.25. The discounted fare is 60 cents.

Customer being assisted into METROLIft minivan while another customer walks alongside the vehicle using a walker.

METROLift provides curb to curb transportation for people with disabilities who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Service is provided with ADA accessible vans and minivans that accommodate persons using wheelchairs, scooters and walkers. Boarding chairs are available to assist any patron unable to access the van using the stairs. All vehicles offer free Wi-Fi.

All METRO buses and trains are also ADA accessible. So, when and where possible, we encourage all people with disabilities to consider riding buses, light rail, METRORapid and/or METRO curb2curb. This includes METROLift customers themselves, who are entitled to ride those services for free with up to one assistant.

METRO STAR Vanpool vehicle in HOV express lane on U.S. Highway 59 South with gridlock traffic in both directions.

Drive Less and Save More on gas, tolls, parking, and vehicle maintenance by commuting together with other working professionals. Vehicles travel in High-Occupancy Vehicle lanes that reduce the stress of sitting in traffic.

METRO Star Vanpool is ideal if you live or work where METRO bus service isn’t available. Vanpoolers meet at a designated, central location where they leave their cars during the day while the van is in use.

If you don’t know others you can ride with, we’ll try to match you with commuters who share similar travel patterns.

We also allow companies to become vanpool sponsors, creating access to certain tax benefits.

Cars traveling in the HOV lane on Interstate 45.

You can use express lanes to bypass traffic and save time on portions of:

  • Interstate 10 (managed by Texas Department of Transportation)
  • Interstate 45
  • U.S. Highway 59
  • U.S. Highway 290

If you’re the only person riding in your vehicle, a toll is required. If you have multiple occupants, you may not need to pay a toll depending on:

  • Time of day
  • Freeway you’re traveling


ServiceFare ZoneRegular FareDiscounted Fare
Local Bus
METRO curb2curb
Park & Ride Commuter Express Bus

Routes are divided into different zones throughout Houston and Harris County. Your fare is based on the zone where you board.

See what zone you're in

Zone 1
Zone 2
Zone 3
Zone 4
Zone 7

To use this service, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Learn more about METROLift

METRO Star Vanpool

To use this service, you must first register for an account. Learn more about METRO Star Vanpool

Ways to Pay

There are multiple options for paying the regular or discounted fare when you board, as shown below.

METRO Fare Cards
METRO Fare Cards Learn more
METRO Q Mobile Ticket
METRO Q Mobile Ticket Learn more
METRO Single Ride Ticket
Vending Machine Ticket Learn more
METRO Money Learn more

Track Your Ride

Stay informed and avoid delays. Easily track the estimated arrival and/or departure times of your next METRO bus or train.

Text message window displaying how to use the next bus texting tool.

Receive the next bus arrival time directly to your phone. Text your bus stop number followed by a space and your route number to 697433. You'll receive a text back with the estimated real-time arrival (RT) and scheduled arrival time (SC) of the next buses at your stop. 

Screen displaying how the METRO TRIP app shows real-time and scheduled time of the next buses.

See the next bus arrival times by using the map to select the location where you'll begin your trip. Select your bus route from the routes shown along the left side of the screen and then choose the direction you're traveling in. Estimated real-time arrivals are shown in green and scheduled times are shown in white along the bottom of your screen.

Apple® Maps depicting estimated departure times of a METRO local bus.

See the next bus or train departure times by entering your destination and selecting the transit icon (usually a bus or train symbol). You’ll see the timing of scheduled departures from your stop and any delays will be shown in red next to the scheduled time.

Google Maps®

After entering your destination, select the public transportation icon (usually a bus or train symbol). Google Maps™ will display your route options. Choose the route that suits you best and tap on it to view more details. You will see the scheduled time as well as the estimated real-time arrival of the next vehicle(s).

METRO's digital signage at a bus stop.

See estimated real-time bus and train arrival information on digital signs.

At select bus stop locations, you'll see digital signs like the one pictured above. Additionally, all METRORail and METRORapid platforms feature scrolling LED digital signs, and most transit centers feature scrolling LED digital signs or high-definition LCD monitors. In addition to estimated arrival times, the LCD screens may also display service alerts, detours, stop closures and other METRO announcements.

The Track Your Bus or Train feature on the homepage of the METRO website.

Track Your Bus or Train directly from the homepage of the METRO website. Select your route, destination and stop. Click or tap on Track Now and you'll see the route number and estimated real-time arrival as well as the next scheduled departures.

Image of a phone.

Reach METRO's automated next bus arrival system by calling Customer Service at 713-635-4000. When prompted, enter your bus stop number followed by your route number, or press the pound sign (#) for stop number lookup. Estimated real-time and scheduled times of the next buses at your stop will be recited.

Rider Tools

Below are some tools to make your METRO riding experience easier and more convenient so you can drive less and do more.

Plan Your Trip

Travel Preference

System Map

Explore METRO transit services near you

Questions and Answers

Valuable information to help you ride

Savings Calculator

Compare your cost of driving vs. what it would cost to ride METRO - and see how much money you'd save each month.

link to the Apple app store to download the RideMETRO app

ONE to Ride App

Plan and manage your trip on METRO Local bus, Park & Ride bus, METRORail or METRORapid using an interactive map.

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