Local Bus

With more than 80 local bus routes serving communities inside and outside the 610 Loop, you have a variety of options for getting to work, school, shopping and medical appointments. Transfers to other routes are available at many city street intersections. You can also transfer at METRO transit centers which are sheltered waiting areas typically found at the beginning and/or end of a bus route.


Regular Fare


For all Local Bus customers who aren’t eligible for a discounted fare.

Discounted Fare


* For students, seniors 65-69, or people with disabilities who aren't METROLift customers.

* Requires discounted fare card

Ways to Pay

There are multiple options for paying the regular or discounted fare when you board a local bus, as shown below.

METRO Q Fare Card
METRO Q® Fare Card Learn more
METRO Q Mobile Ticket
METRO Q Mobile Ticket Learn more
METRO Day Pass
METRO Day Pass Learn more
METRO Money Learn more

Local Bus Routes

Start exploring individual routes by selecting one from the list below. Each one contains a number and associated route name, such as “2 Bellaire” or “82 Westheimer.” The route name represents the destination, street name or area served by that route.

Rider Tools

Below are some tools to make your METRO riding experience easier and more convenient so you can drive less and do more.

Plan Your Trip

Travel Preference

System Map

Explore METRO transit services near you

Questions and Answers

Valuable information to help you ride

Savings Calculator

Compare your cost of driving vs. what it would cost to ride METRO - and see how much money you'd save each month.

link to the Apple app store to download the RideMETRO app


An all-in-one toolkit with everything you need to ride METRO bus and rail services, including contactless fare payments.

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