Partnership Opportunities

You can support business development at your organization through a variety of partnership opportunities at METRO.

Engage with the community, offer unique employee and customer perks or improve the region’s infrastructure through major transit development projects. On this page, you can learn more about our partnership programs.

Set your apartment community apart by highlighting the unique perk of nearby transit.

You’ll be listed in our directory of certified properties and get free advertising and signage. Receive new resident welcome packets including free METRO Money Cards with $2.50 value. Get Rider Rewards discounts at participating restaurants and retailers.

We all want to live, work and play in beautiful, vibrant, safe neighborhoods. We encourage individuals, civic groups and local businesses to adopt a bus stop or passenger shelter in your community and help keep it clean. 

Get six FREE round-trip passes per month, an Adopt-a-Stop sign, an official adoption certificate and the opportunity to improve your community’s aesthetic appeal.

Attract and retain top talent with a unique perk. Offer the gift of a safe, reliable and comfortable daily commute with METRO. Both employer-paid and employee-paid benefits are exempt from payroll taxes, meaning everybody saves money.

Riding versus driving also saves your staff valuable time and gas. They can relax, text, use social media, talk or work freely – all while METRO does the driving.

Looking for an easy way to increase revenue at your retail location? Consider becoming a METRO Fare Card Retailer.

More than 200 retailers throughout the Houston region earn 6% commission by allowing METRO riders to purchase or reload METRO Q® Fare Cards and METRO Day Passes. Many of these locations also sell one-way trip tickets, ticket sheets and/or monthly passes for METROLift.

Recruit workers from outlying areas and help employees save time, money and stress with our ride-sharing service. 

METRO handles all the setup by analyzing your firm’s transportation situation, promoting the service to employees and offering discounts to qualified riders.

Choose from a variety of pre-tax transportation arrangements to customize cost savings for both employers and employees.

METRO is a busy transit system, with thousands of riders commuting every day near businesses like yours.

If you’re looking for an easy way to attract more customers to your business, consider becoming a METRO Rider Rewards Partner. Through this program, we promote our local community partners along our bus and rail service area.

By offering discounts to METRO riders, you can increase visibility among METRO’s diverse audience of riders commuting to work, school and other destinations all over Houston, as well as visiting Houston conventioneers.

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