METRO curb2curb

This is an on-demand service, available in certain communities without immediate access to a METRO bus route. It operates in a defined zone and doesn't travel a standard route.

You can either board the vehicle at specific anchor points or schedule a pickup at your location. The vehicle will then drop you off at your destination in the zone or a METRO facility in the zone where transfers are available to bus services.

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METRO curb2curb Routes

If you live in one of the communities where curb2curb is available, explore details about the service by selecting your route from the list below.


Regular Fare


For all METRO curb2curb customers who aren’t eligible for a discounted fare.

Discounted Fare


* For students, seniors 65-69, or people with disabilities who aren't METROLift customers.

* Requires discounted fare card

Ways to Pay

There are multiple options for paying the regular or discounted fare when you board a METRO curb2curb shuttle, as shown below.

METRO Q Fare Card
METRO Q® Fare Card Learn more
METRO Q Mobile Ticket
METRO Q Mobile Ticket Learn more
METRO Day Pass
METRO Day Pass Learn more
METRO Money Learn more

Book Your Ride, On-Demand

The METRO curb2curb app allows for scheduling flexible trips directly from your smartphone. Reserve a one-way or round-trip ride either 15 minutes before your planned trip or up to seven days in advance.

Use the METRO curb2curb app to:

  • Plan your trip on your time
  • Book and pay for your ride
  • See your driver and track your ride

Learn more


METRO curb2curb App
Download the METRO curb2curb app for free from Google Play (for Android phones) or the App Store (for Apple iOS).
Smartphone with METRO curb2curb mobile app icon visible on screen

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