Apartment Partner Program

Millennials and Generation Z are more likely to use public transportation than other groups, according to the Pew Research Center. And the National Multifamily Housing Council reports that almost half of apartment renters are under the age of 30 – that’s approximately half of your business.

Completely free to you, the METRO Smart Apartment Partner Program lets you offer a unique amenity that many other properties do not. This partnership is designed to enhance the quality of life for people living in apartment communities located adjacent to accessible METRO services.

METRORail passing an apartment building downtown


The METRO Smart Apartment Partner Program helps you set your apartment community apart by highlighting the unique perk of nearby transit.

  • Free – no cost to you
  • No contracts, partnership-oriented
  • Free use of the METRO Smart Apartment Partner Program logo in advertising
  • Free listing in the METRO directory of certified properties
  • Free METRO Money Cards with $2.50 value for new resident welcome packets
  • Receive Rider Rewards discounts at participating restaurants and retailers
  • Receive a Smart Apartment Partner Certification decal
  • METRO Client Services Representative assigned to your property

How It Works

Getting Started

To be a partner, your property must meet these requirements:

  • Property must be located one-half mile or less from a bus / rail line
  • METRO service must be easily accessible
  • Frequency of METRO service must be every 20 minutes or less

In an on-site meeting with property management, we’ll provide an overview of how to ride METRO and/or schedule how-to-ride training session(s) for property management and staff. We’ll also identify additional activities to educate residents on METRO services.

Training & Support

We provide training on how to:

  • Publicize and conduct on-site METRO Q Fare Card registration events for residents
  • Publicize and partner with METRO on how-to-ride training
  • Include METRO info in new resident welcome packets and on your website
  • Participate in METRO’s Adopt-A-Stop / Adopt-A-Shelter program

We’ll follow up with you to review progress, assess training needs and adapt and restock marketing materials. At the end of the first year, we’ll conduct a survey to analyze the program’s impact, make any necessary adjustments and recertify your property.

Participating Partners

Apartment Partner Program Participants Map

Click on any map marker for more details, including address, phone number and METRO stops nearby.

It takes just a few days to get started. Learn more about the METRO Smart Apartment Partner Program by emailing Client.Services@ridemetro.org or calling 713-739-4015.

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