Rider Rewards Partnership

Looking to drive more people into your restaurant, retail location or venue? Consider becoming a METRO Rider Rewards Partner. Through this program, we promote local community partners along our bus routes and rail lines.

By offering discounts to METRO riders, you can increase visibility among our diverse audience of riders commuting to work, school and other destinations all over Houston, as well as visiting Houston conventioneers.

Cup of coffee on retail counter next to METRO Rider Rewards promotional card.

How It Works

Rewards & Redemption

The program is free except for the discount you need to honor when a customer shows a valid fare item. It’s up to you what discount to offer. Typical discounts are:

  • 10-15% off
  • $1.00-2.00 off
  • Free drink or side item
  • Buy one, get one free

The program operates under the assumption that anyone presenting a valid METRO fare item gets the discount. Riders can show the cashier one of these valid fare items:

  • METRO Q Card
  • RideMETRO app ticket
  • METRO Day Pass
  • METRO Money Card
  • METRO Student Q Card
  • METRO Veterans Pass
  • Jury summons
  • Paper ticket
  • METRO Convention Pass

Benefits & Updates

We’ll feature your business logo, address and discount offer on our website, in social media posts and in email newsletters, giving you increased visibility to a broad audience.

Though we can’t predict how much additional business you may have, our goal is to increase awareness of your business among our riders.

Agreements are for a minimum of one year. You have the option to end your participation after one year, or renew the agreement for another year.

You can make changes to your Rider Rewards offer anytime. Just notify us at RiderRewards@RideMETRO.org at least two weeks prior to the effective date.

Rider Rewards Partners

Find partners who are already driving traffic into their location by offering a special discount to METRO customers. You can become a partner too!

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