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METRO is seeking to improve the customer experience by replacing the existing transit center and building a new garage facility near the existing property.

Facility Enhancements:

  • Parking for approximately 500 vehicles in a multi-level garage
  • Full-service transit center seamlessly linking METRO services for the Northside community
  • Attractive landscaping

Service Enhancements:

  • Modern facility design to move buses easily in and out of the transit center
  • Covered bus bays
  • Convenient connections to Downtown, Texas Medical Center, and other locations with service options

Safety Enhancements:

  • Reduced walking distance for customers
  • Camera-monitored facility with METRO Police patrol
  • Traffic signals to maintain consistent traffic flow

The Northline Transit Center project estimate at this stage is approximately $40 million. METRO will continue to seek Federal Transit Administration funding and there may be opportunities for private partners to participate in the project through Transit Oriented Development opportunities.

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