Questions & Answers: About METRO

On this page, you can get answers to common questions about projects, doing business with METRO and more, all in one place.


With the goal of maximizing opportunities with the business community, METRO is seeking to build certified small business capacity for the following types of work:

  • Rail construction
    • Overhead Catenary Systems (OCS)
    • Traction Power Substations (TPS)
    • Concrete pouring for platform construction
    • Laying track
    • Rail ties
  • Bridge construction
  • Boring and tunneling
  • Major IT equipment (authorized supplier)
  • IT (SAP certification and modules)
  • Private utilities
  • Street sweeping (with water and vacuum option)
  • Sound walls
  • Specialized trucks (waste removal, fuel tank cleaning, etc.)
  • Fuel transportation
  • Underground fuel storage tanks
  • Personal property claims (non-real estate property)
  • Bus wrapping
  • Solar energy provider/installer

Yes. To inquire about METRO’s Fast Track SBE certification, email

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