Bid Tabulations

Bid Tabulations will become available for public review/copying after the opening and reading of the bids has occurred. Please note that the information found on the posted Bid Tabulation may change due to bid mistakes, bid withdrawals, determination of non-responsiveness or non-responsible bidders.

Technical and Cost Proposals (“Proposal”) may be excepted from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA). METRO will automatically submit to the Attorney General’s office, requests received for review/copies of any Proposal. The Attorney General will issue a ruling on whether the Proposal is public information in approximately 45 days. If you wish to submit a request for inspection/copying of any Proposal, please submit your written request, with the RFP number to the following email address:

Or you may fax your request to: 713-739-4699 (Attn: Jacqueline Hojem, Public Information Coordinator)

Or you may mail your written request to:
Jacqueline Hojem
Public Information Coordinator
PO BOX 61429
Houston, Texas 77208-1429.

Solicitation Number Title Due Date
4018000173 Repair of Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) 319 9/12/2018
4018000228 Purchase & Delivery of Safety Vision Parts 9/12/2018
4018000153 Plumbing and HVAC On-Call Service for 1900 Main Street 9/09/2018
4018000212 Purchase & Delivery of Lamps 8/22/2018
4018000111 Purchase, Delivery and Installation of Flat Glass 8/16/2018
4018000152 Maintenance and Repair of METROS Facilities HVAC Systems 8/16/2018
4018000187 Southeast Corridor Bike and Sidewalk Enhancement Project 8/16/2018
4018000189 Rehabilitate Northwest Bus Operating Facility Bus Wash System 8/15/2018
4018000209 Main Street Traffic Signals Upgrades 8/09/2018
4018000182 Purchase & Delivery of Bolster Assembly 8/08/2018
4018000190 Purchase of Cummin ISL Engines 7/25/2018
4018000148 Purchase and Delivery of Complete Motor Bearings 7/19/2018
4018000162 Purchase of Paratransit Vans 7/12/2018
4018000184 Purchase of Smart Cards 7/11/2018
4018000162 Paratransit Vehicles 7/11/2018
4018000186 Purchase & Delivery of Air Bags 7/11/2018
4018000165 LRV Cab Camera Project 6/28/2018
IB4018000131 Water Treatment Services 6/27/2018
4018000141 Purchase & Delivery of Bumpers 6/27/2018
4018000142 Purchase & Delivery of ZF Transmission Parts 6/27/2018

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