Questions & Answers: Riding METRO

On this page, you can get answers to common questions about riding METRO, all in one place.

Trip Planning

Frequency of service, a stop-by-stop schedule, a PDF schedule and a linear route map for each METRORail line are found on the METRORail page.

A linear route map for each METRORail line is found on the METRORail page.

You can also use our Interactive System Map (best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer). In the rail section of the map, you can check a box next to any METRORail line and the map will draw a line showing the entire route and where it runs.

If you’d prefer a physical map, we include a map image in the printed brochure for each individual METRORail line. Brochures are available for free at all METRO RideStore locations:

  • Downtown Transit Center - 1900 Main St.
  • Main Street Square - 1001 Travis St.
  • Northwest Transit Center - 7373 Old Katy Road
  • Fannin South Transit Center - 1604 West Bellfort St.

Trip planning tools are available on:

  • Various pages of the METRO website, including the home page
  • RideMETRO app for your smartphone (“Plan Your Trip” section)
  • ONE to Ride app for your smartphone
  • Google or Apple maps

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