Questions & Answers: Riding METRO

On this page, you can get answers to common questions about riding METRO, all in one place.

Rules for Riding

To help make the journey pleasant and safe for everybody, METRO has developed a Code of Conduct for riders.

For example, smoking is prohibited in covered or enclosed facilities, including transit centers, bus stop shelters and platforms. And consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on METRO property.

Please review the full METRO Code of Conduct.

Depending on the severity of the violation, you could be fined. You could also be temporarily or permanently suspended from using the system. And you could forfeit any refund or unused funds that may expire during the time when you’re suspended from riding.

No, you don’t need a permit to take photos. We just ask that you don’t interfere with the safe movement of people or vehicles. 

For example, camera lights or flashes should never be aimed in the direction of an oncoming vehicle or used within a moving vehicle. Tripods and other equipment must not be placed in any location that interferes with the safe movement of people or vehicles.

Photography is prohibited in any areas of the METRO system not accessible to the general public.

The law permits photography of private citizens in public places but, as a courtesy, we ask that you request permission of people before snapping their pictures.

For commercial or media photography requests, you can email the METRO Media team at

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