Questions & Answers: Riding METRO

On this page, you can get answers to common questions about riding METRO, all in one place.


If you’re a person with a disability, you’re eligible to become a METROLift customer if you meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Your disability prevents you from walking or rolling to a bus stop without assistance.
  • You require assistance to board, navigate, ride or disembark from one or more of METRO’s other accessible services.
  • You can use one of the other METRO accessible services but there are physical obstacles on your path which prevent you from doing so.

Eligibility decisions are based upon information provided by healthcare professionals and your functional abilities to navigate the fixed-route bus and rail system in accordance with the ADA.

Eligible riders’ certification will be classified as permanent, standard, or temporary.

Riders classified as standard or temporary will be notified by letter to reapply for services 60 days prior to the end of their eligibility period.

You must apply and do an in-person interview. You’ll then receive a final decision regarding your eligibility in writing within 21 days.

For more information, including how to apply, visit the METROLift page.

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