Acres Homes - curb2curb
  • Mon-Fri: Runs every 60 min. *
  • Sat-Sun: Runs every 60 min. *

* For most operating hours. Exact times may vary.

Accessible Vehicles
Free Wi-Fi


Regular Fare


For all METRO curb2curb customers who aren’t eligible for a discounted fare.

Discounted Fare


* For students, seniors 65-69, or people with disabilities who aren't METROLift customers.

* Requires discounted fare card

Ways To Pay

METRO Q Fare Card
METRO Q® Fare Card Learn more
METRO Q Mobile Ticket
METRO Q Mobile Ticket Learn more
METRO Day Pass
METRO Day Pass Learn more
METRO Money Learn more

About Route 344

Acres Homes curb2curb zone map showing that the service covers most of the Acres Homes neighborhood, with anchor pick-up locations at the Acres Homes Transit Center and the Walmart at 10411 North Freeway.

Getting On Board

All travel on curb2curb must take place within the service area shown on the route map above. You can access the vehicle in three different ways:

Map marker

Board at an Anchor Point

During hours of operation, the vehicle departs at the top of every hour from the anchor point(s) shown on the route map above.

METRO curb2curb app icon on smartphone graphic

Use curb2curb App

Free for your iOS or Android device. Book a ride directly through the app. All reservations are subject to availability.

Telephone receiver

Call 713-739-RIDE

Book a ride over the phone. Agents are on call daily, 5 a.m.-midnight. All reservations are subject to availability.

Common Questions


The regular fare to board is $1.25

The discounted fare is 60 cents.

The following ride for free:

  • Children five or younger, accompanied by an adult
  • People 70 and older who have a discounted METRO Q® Fare Card
  • Disabled or decorated veterans who have a METRO Veterans Pass
  • METROLift customers with a METROLift Freedom Q® Card, and up to one assistant

Upon boarding, you can pay your curb2curb fare using any of the following:

  • METRO Q® Fare Card
  • METRO Q Mobile Ticket (regular fare only)
  • METRO Day Pass
  • METRO Money card

The All About Fares page has information on where you can obtain them.

Yes. Whether you pay your fare with a fare card or mobile ticket, you’re entitled to free transfers between any of these METRO services for up to three hours in any direction:

  • Local bus
  • METRORail
  • METRORapid
  • METRO curb2curb

If your trip includes a Park & Ride bus, and you plan to use a mobile ticket, you'll need to purchase and activate a Park & Ride mobile ticket. It's valid for three hours once activated and entitles you to free transfers between any METRO service of equal or lesser value during that time.

Trip Booking

If you can’t get to a designated pickup location, you can book a trip one of two ways:

  • Use the free METRO curb2curb app for your smartphone
  • Call us at 713-739-RIDE (7433) – agents are on call daily, 5 a.m.-midnight

With either method, you can specify the exact location where you want to be picked up and dropped off. 

Whether you book a ride through the app or over the phone, all reservations are subject to availability.

Whether you book a ride through the app or over the phone, you can book a ride as early as seven days in advance, and as late as 15 minutes before your desired pick-up time.

For instance, if you need to be picked up at 11:00 a.m. – you would need to have your trip booked no later than 10:45 a.m.

All reservations are subject to availability.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app from the App Store.

If you have an Android, you can download the app from Google Play.

Just search for METRO curb2curb


Each curb2curb route has its own designated pickup locations where you can walk right up and board.

For more information, visit the METRO curb2curb page where you can select your specific route.

METRO curb2curb vehicles are clearly marked. There are two types:

  • Low-floor minibus
  • Minivan

Either one may pick you up, based on availability.

Yes. All curb2curb vehicles are accessible under the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Hours of operation vary by route. For more information, visit the METRO curb2curb page where you can select your specific route.


METRO Q® Fare Card, METRO Day Pass or METRO Money card:

Tap your card on the validator as you enter the vehicle and the fare amount will be deducted. If you prefer to go contactless, you can wave your card close to the validator as well. Make sure the light registers green in the upper right when you tap or wave.

METRO Q Mobile Ticket (only regular fare available):

Activate the ticket on your smartphone before boarding. It will display animated colors and motion on your phone. Show that to the operator as you board.

If you book your ride in advance, whether through the METRO curb2curb app or over the phone, the operator will already know your dropoff location.

If you board at a designated pickup location, just let the operator know where in the service area you need to be dropped off.

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