54 Scott

11 Miles of Improvements


Construction is in progress. This project is designed to benefit commuters along the 54 Scott route between Downtown Transit Center and the MLK Health Center north of Almeda-Genoa. Improvements include:

  • Bus shelters at every stop
  • Sidewalk improvements and ramps along Scott Street
  • Pedestrian crossing improvements
  • Bikeways along McGowen Street and along Mainer Street

Customer boarding 54 Scott bus next to a bus shelter along Scott Street on the 54 Scott route

Project Status


BOOST 54 Scott Segment Map


Construction has begun.


2.9 miles from Downtown Transit Center to Scott Street along McGowen Street, Fannin Street and San Jacinto Street.


Design and construction are complete. 


3.6 miles from McGowen Street to Mainer Street along Scott Street.


Design is complete, but construction hasn't begun.


4.5 miles from Mainer Street to MLK Health Center along Scott Street.

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Questions? Comments?

On our Public Comments website, choose Construction/Planning Projects > 54 Scott BOOST Improvement Project.


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