Uptown BRT Project


The Uptown Development Authority (Uptown) is building a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project on Post Oak Blvd. to deliver transit service from Westpark to the Northwest Transit Center (NWTC).

METRO has been coordinating with Uptown throughout the project, which began in 2013, and will provide transit service when the project is completed.

Uptown, in turn, will build a new transit center at Westpark Drive which will serve as the southern terminus of the line. Uptown will also create a dedicated busway in the median of Post Oak Boulevard from Westpark to the intersection of Post Oak and IH-610. Other pieces to connect this dedicated busway for BRT to the NWTC are being undertaken by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and METRO. Please refer to the map below to see each agency’s project limits.

METRO’s Project Role


METRO will purchase a special vehicle for the BRT service:

  • Proposed vehicle is a three-door articulated bus
  • Seating for approximately 48 and room for standing
  • Near level boarding meeting ADA requirements with and space for wheelchairs, strollers, bikes, walkers, etc.

The METRO Board will approve a unique brand that identifies BRT vehicles as a special type of high-capacity service. The schedule calls for METRO to begin receiving vehicles in mid-2019 and to be ready to open in March 2020.

Northwest Transit Center (NWTC)

The north terminus of the new BRT system will connect to the METRO bus network at the NWTC. The new BRT system southern terminus will at a new transit center on Westpark Drive. The NWTC is being reconfigured  to accommodate both the New Bus Network and the Uptown BRT. The NWTC will include elements which will enhanced Universal Accessibility, Improve Safety and Security as well as improving the Customer Experience.

The reconfigured NWTC will also include:

  • Approximately 250 parking spaces added north of the transit center across Old Katy Road new pedestrian signalization and sidewalks
  • Bus bays increased from 12 to 20 bays
  • Accommodations for the Uptown BRT vehicles
  • Better pedestrian and bicycle amenities
  • Reconfigured driveways for improved access and safety
  • Improved way-finding and directional signage
  • New METRO RideStore

Uptown Project Status

Following is a brief update on Uptown’s project progress as of April 2019:

  • Uptown project design is complete
  • Additional right-of-way on Post Oak Boulevard is being acquired
  • Busway completion is set for Spring 2020
  • The Texas Department of Transportation is building 1.5 miles of dedicated, elevated bus lanes from Post Oak Boulevard to N. Post Oak Road along the West Loop (north of Memorial) where METRO bus lanes will connect to NWTC