Transit Centers

Northwest Transit Center Improvements

We're upgrading our facilities to bring you even better service. This major renovation will include a new ramp, bus platform and more parking, but your bus service will stay the same. This project is scheduled to be completed in Dec. 2020.

Northwest Transit Center rendering 1

Northwest Transit Center rendering 2


What’s Happening?

Bus Stops Relocation

  • Bus stop relocation changes on Old Katy Road due to construction
  • 39 Katy Freeway eastbound - Bus stop discontinued and moved to bus stop #3
  • 84 Buffalo Speedway northbound - Bus stop discontinued and moved to bus stop #3
  • 228 Addicks Park & Ride inbound - Bus Stop relocated east of NWTC driveway
  • 298 Addicks / NWTC / TMC Park & Ride bus stop relocated east of NWTC driveway

Your bus service will not change, but all parking inside the transit center will be closed. A new parking lot is located on the north side of Old Katy Road, see map below for details.

FREE shuttles will transport you to and from the new parking lot of Old Katy Road. Shuttle services are available weekdays, 5-9 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. to transport you from that lot to the Bus Stops along Old Katy Road / Temporary Bus Platform.

HOV / HOT Lane Access
Morning (a.m.) Inbound

  • From US 290 HOV / HOT Lane you can still exit Old Katy Road to access Northwest Transit Center (NWTC)
  • No exit, stop nor drop-offs at the NWTC from the reopend US 290 HOV / HOT Lane
  • With the reopened US 290 HOV / HOT Lane you will be able to connect directly to I-10 eastbound east of 610 Loop

Evening (p.m.) Outbound

  • From the I-10 westbound you will be able to connect directly to US 290 HOV / HOT Lane
  • No exit, stop nor drop-offs at the NWTC from US 290 HOV / HOT Lane
  • You may access US 290 HOV / HOT Lane from Old Katy Road as you do now


Stay Informed

There will be additional phases to follow. The complete project is expected to last approximately eight months. As the project progresses, there are multiple ways to receive updates:

  • Visit this web page
  • Subscribe for free to receive METRO Service Alerts direct to your phone or email
  • View real-time service alerts on the RideMETRO app – everything you need to ride
  • Contact METRO Customer Service at 713-635-4000


Travel Guide

Improvements to the existing NWTC platform continue. During the construction, service will operate from a temporary platform and bus stops along Old Katy Road, where you can safely board their bus until the project is complete.

For your safety, please use the pedestrian crosswalks to cross Old Katy Road.

Download NWTC Improvement Guide (PDF)

Northwest Transit Center HOV/HOT Map

Temporary Platform (reference map above)

The following routes are on the Temporary platform:

  1. METRORapid (Coming Soon)
  2. 217 Cypress Park & Ride (P&R) to Cypress P&R & to Downtown
  3. 49 Chimney Rock / S. Post Oak to Ridgemont
  4. 58 Hammerly to West Belt
  5. METRORapid (Coming Soon)
  6. 214 Northwest Station P&R to Northwest Station & to Downtown
    216 W. Little York P&R to W. Little York P&R & to Downtown
    219 W. Little York / N.W. Station / Cypress to Cypress P&R & to Downtown
  7. 70 Memorial to Brittmoore
    72 Westview to Brittmoore
  8. 47 Hillcroft to Airport Blvd

Bus Stops

The following routes stop along Old Katy Road:

  1. 160 Memorial City Express to Memorial City
    161 Wilcrest Express to West Bellfort P&R
    162 Memorial Express to Addicks P&R
  2. 33 Post Oak to Bellaire Transit Center (TC)
    85 Antoine / Washington to S.H. 249 / Greenspoint
    228 Addicks P&R to Addicks P&R
    298 Kingsland / Addicks / NWTC / TMC P&R to Kingsland P&R
  3. METRO Parking Lot Shuttle
    39 Katy Freeway to Northwest TC
    84 Buffalo Speedway to Northwest TC
  4. 39 Katy Freeway to Britoak
    84 Buffalo Speedway to W. Bellfort
  5. 228 Addicks P&R to Downtown
    298 Kingsland / Addicks / NWTC / TMC P&R to Downtown
  6. 33 Post Oak to Hempstead TC
    85 Antoine / Washington to Downtown
  7. 160 Memorial City Express to Downtown
    161 Wilcrest Express to Downtown
    162 Memorial Express to Downtown

7373 Old Katy Road
Houston, TX 77024

Transit centers are sheltered waiting areas located where several bus routes converge. They serve as efficient "hubs" allowing you access to various locations to assemble at a central point to take advantage of express trips or other route-to-route transfers. Our clean, safe and comfortable transit centers provide you with a wider selection of destinations through greater transfer opportunities, and provide their respective communities a permanent presence of transit service. Try our interactive map below.