METRO Small Business Outreach & Training Events

METRO provides outreach and technical assistance for the small business community. The outreach program is designed to assist small businesses in meeting one-on-one with METRO decision-makers, as well as the product/service provider. By attending small business networking forums, small businesses are able to obtain information about how to do business with METRO and how to access decision-makers regarding projects.

The outreach efforts include attending and co-sponsoring focused events to target and reach other potential small and disadvantaged businesses to participate on agency projects.


Small Business & Procurement Help Center

By Appointments Only, Monday through Friday — 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please email your request for an appointment to

We will do our best to respond to your request within 48 hours.

Available Services:

• Vendor Registration Assistance
• Online Certification Assistance
• B2GNow Training
One-on-One Small Business Assessments
Business Development
• METRO’s Procurement website Demonstration
• Debriefings (Bids or Post Awards)
• One-on-One meetings with Department Representative, as Applicable

METRO Wants To Do Business With You!

METRO Small Business University (SBU)

METRO’s Office of Small Business Development offers free management and technical assistance through the METRO Small Business Opportunities University (SBU). SBU courses are designed to enhance the potential for businesses certified with METRO’s Small Business Program to win contracts with METRO. SBU courses are targeted toward specific opportunities at METRO.

SBU Goals and Objectives:

  • To assist small/disadvantaged businesses with navigating through METRO’s contracting and procurement process.
  • To prepare small/disadvantaged businesses for face-to-face interviews with METRO buyers, contract administrators and project managers.
  • To facilitate the communication process between small / disadvantaged businesses and other METRO representatives.

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2020 Calendar

This workshop is designed to aid small businesses, on how to proficiently utilize our website to their benefit. Example, firms will learn how to quickly access METRO’s current and anticipated solicitations, vendor registration, and bid tabulations. Firms will also learn where to find METRO’s historical contract awards, as well as be able to find, the Primes who are doing business with METRO.

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You will learn about METRONext and the procurements opportunities, projected schedules and associated support services needed. Now is the time to prepare for what we believe to be the largest transformation of the transportation system in the Houston metropolitan area, over the next 20 years.

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Interagency Mentor Protégé Program (IMPP)

The Houston Independent School District, City of Houston, Port of Houston Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) have teamed up together to create the Interagency Mentor Protégé Program (IMPP). IMPP exists to strengthen effective working relationships and foster long term stability between established companies and local agencies with emerging historically underutilized businesses. The goals of IMPP are to enhance the business skills and broaden the base of historically underutilized businesses by providing the knowledge and experience of established firms.

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