Missouri City (MCTX) Community Connector


MCTX Community Connector Bus

More Than Just A Ride

METRO’s new MCTX service, in partnership with Missouri City, offers frequent and convenient daily travel to more of the places residents want to go, as well as:

  • Service seven days a week
  • Operates daily from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Just $1.25 each way
  • Half-price rides for students and seniors with a discount METRO Q® Fare Card or METRO Day Pass
  • Receive a FREE three-hour transfer when using your METRO Q® Fare Card

Make METRO Connections

Connect to other routes within the METRO transit system, directly from the Missouri City Park & Ride:

  • 63 Fondren
  • 98 Briargate
  • 170 Missouri City/TMC Park & Ride

Get Your METRO Q® Fare Card

Purchase your METRO Q Card at any of the following neighborhood retailers:

HEB #110 - 8900 Hwy. 6 - Missouri City, Texas 77459 
HEB #474 - 4724 Hwy. 6 - Missouri City, Texas 77459 
KROGER #009 - 10250 Hwy. 6 - Missouri City, Texas 77459 
KROGER #334 - 6200 Hwy. 6 - Missouri City, Texas 77459 
FIESTA #47 - 1530 Independence - Missouri City, Texas 77489 
FOODARAMA #08 - 1603 Cartwright - Missouri City, Texas 77489


363 MCTX Community Connector

I Want to Ride

Just show up at one of the two (2) anchor points for the MCTX Community Connector and board the bus to be taken to your destination within the zone. If you can’t get to one of the two (2) anchor points, please call the reservation line at 713-739-3823 to schedule your MCTX Community Connector trip within the zone and provide the following:

  1. Your requested pick-up time
  2. Your location within the zone
  3. Your destination within the zone.

Reservations are subject to availability.

MCTX Community Connector Anchor Points

The MCTX Community Connector anchors at one of two (2) points after each fully completed trip:

  1. Missouri City Park & Ride (13849 Fondren Rd.)
  2. Walmart (5501 Hwy. 6)

MCTX Community Connector Map


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364 MCTX Flex Route

Provides hourly fixed-route service at select bus stop locations in Missouri City, as well as flexible curb-to-curb bus service along and up to one-half mile on either side of Hwy. 6, between Dulles Avenue and the Missouri City Hwy 6 Park & Ride (within city limits). Please reference the MCTX Flex Route map for bus stops and areas served. MCTX Flex Route pick-ups can be scheduled by phone with drop-off information provided verbally to the Operator.

I Want to Ride

For the MCTX Flex Route, just show up at one of its seven (7) fixed bus stops, jump on-board and ride. Exit the bus at any of the other fixed bus stops, or request the Operator to drop you off at any location within a half mile of the route on Hwy. 6. MCTX Flex Route customers wanting a pickup within a half mile of Hwy. 6 should call the reservation line at 713-739-3823.

MCTX Flex Route Bus Stops

For the METRO MCTX Flex Route, METRO has placed seven (7) permanent bus stops throughout Missouri City, offering regular service each hour:

  1. Missouri City Park & Ride (13849 Fondren Rd.)
  2. Fort Bend County Annex (307 Texas Pkwy.)
  3. City Hall / Library / Houston Community College (1522 Texas Pkwy.)
  4. Missouri City Public Safety Headquarters (3849 Cartwright Rd.)
  5. Walmart (5501 Hwy. 6)
  6. Aldi Food Market (6016 Sienna Ranch Rd.) / Houston Methodist (8200 Hwy. 6)
  7. Missouri City Hwy. 6 Park & Ride (10250 Hwy. 6)

364 Route Map


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