Missouri City - Fondren P&R
  • Mon-Fri: Runs every 15 min. *
  • Weekend: No service

* For most operating hours. Exact times may vary.

Accessible Vehicles
Free Wi-Fi


Regular Fare


For all Park & Ride Bus customers who aren’t eligible for a discounted fare.

Discounted Fare


* For students, seniors 65+, or people with disabilities not enrolled in METROLift.

* Requires discounted fare card

Ways To Pay

METRO Q Fare Card
METRO Q® Fare Card Learn more
METRO Q Mobile Ticket
METRO Q Mobile Ticket Learn more
METRO Day Pass
METRO Day Pass Learn more
METRO Money Learn more

About Route 270

Route map for 270 Missouri City - Fondren Park & Ride bus

Next Bus Arrival

There are various ways that METRO can provide you with reliable, estimated bus arrival times. These real-time updates allow you to stay informed and avoid delays.

Text message window displaying how to use the next bus texting tool.

Receive the next bus arrival time directly to your phone. Text your bus stop number followed by a space and your route number to 697433. You'll receive a text back with the estimated real-time arrival (RT) and scheduled arrival time (SC) of the next buses at your stop. 

Screen displaying how the METRO TRIP app shows real-time and scheduled time of the next buses.

See the next bus arrival times by using the map to select the location where you'll begin your trip. Select your bus route from the routes shown along the left side of the screen and then choose the direction you're traveling in. Estimated real-time arrivals are shown in green and scheduled times are shown in white along the bottom of your screen.

Apple® Maps depicting estimated departure times of a METRO local bus.

See the next bus or train departure times by entering your destination and selecting the transit icon (usually a bus or train symbol). You’ll see the timing of scheduled departures from your stop and any delays will be shown in red next to the scheduled time.

Google Maps®

After entering your destination, select the public transportation icon (usually a bus or train symbol). Google Maps™ will display your route options. Choose the route that suits you best and tap on it to view more details. You will see the scheduled time as well as the estimated real-time arrival of the next vehicle(s).

METRO's digital signage at a bus stop.

See estimated real-time bus and train arrival information on digital signs.

At select bus stop locations, you'll see digital signs like the one pictured above. Additionally, all METRORail and METRORapid platforms feature scrolling LED digital signs, and most transit centers feature scrolling LED digital signs or high-definition LCD monitors. In addition to estimated arrival times, the LCD screens may also display service alerts, detours, stop closures and other METRO announcements.

The Track Your Bus or Train feature on the homepage of the METRO website.

Track Your Bus or Train directly from the homepage of the METRO website. Select your route, destination and stop. Click or tap on Track Now and you'll see the route number and estimated real-time arrival as well as the next scheduled departures.

Image of a phone.

Reach METRO's automated next bus arrival system by calling Customer Service at 713-635-4000. When prompted, enter your bus stop number followed by your route number, or press the pound sign (#) for stop number lookup. Estimated real-time and scheduled times of the next buses at your stop will be recited.

Select Another Route

If you’d like to explore other METRO Park & Ride commuter express bus routes, select one below. Otherwise, you can scroll down to view Common Questions about riding a Park & Ride bus or access Rider Tools to plan your trip.

Common Questions


The regular fare to board ranges from $2-8. So a round-trip can cost $4-$16.

The discounted fare to board ranges from $1-4. So a round-trip can cost $2-8.

Fares vary by zone. To find out what zone you’re in, visit the Park & Ride bus page.

The following passengers ride free:

  • Children five or younger, accompanied by an adult
  • People 70 and older who have a discounted METRO Q® Fare Card
  • Disabled or decorated veterans who have a METRO Veterans Pass
  • METROLift customers with a METROLift Freedom Q® Card, and up to one assistant

You can pay your Park & Ride bus fare using any of the following:

  • METRO Q® Fare Card
  • METRO Q Mobile Ticket
  • METRO Day Pass
  • METRO Money card
  • Cash

The All About Fares page has information on where you can obtain various fare cards.

If you pay your fare using a METRO Q® Fare Card, METRO Q Mobile Ticket (Park & Ride version), METRO Day Pass or METRO Money card, you’re entitled to free transfers between any of these METRO services for up to three hours in any direction:

  • Local bus
  • METRORail
  • METRORapid
  • METRO curb2curb

Depending on where your Park & Ride bus stops along its route, connections may be available to one or more of those services.

For transfers to a Park & Ride bus route with a higher cost, you only pay the fare difference for up to three hours in any direction. 

NOTE: If you use a METRO Day Pass on Park & Ride service, the cost to ride doesn't get applied to the maximum daily card deduction. Because of that, we don’t recommend using a METRO Day Pass on Park & Ride service.


You may park in the parking lot of the facility where you’re boarding a Park & Ride bus. Lots are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you plan to park for three consecutive days, you must contact the METRO Police Department to make a request in advance. Otherwise, your car is subject to being towed. 

Call 713-224-COPS (2677) by phone, or email MPDServices@ridemetro.org

It’s free to park at any METRO Park & Ride facility.

No. The METRO Police Department patrols Park & Ride lots periodically. However, there's no full-time security onsite and METRO doesn't monitor Park & Ride lots around the clock.

Trip Planning / Prior to Arrival

A route selector is accessible directly on the website home page, linking you directly to the Park & Ride bus route page of your choice.

Each individual route page includes:

  • Frequency of service on weekdays and weekends
  • Stop-by-stop schedule
  • Link to view PDF schedule which you can then download and/or print
  • Route map

You can also use the website's Interactive System Map (best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer).

In the bus section of the map, you can check a box next to any METRO bus route and the map will draw a line showing the entire route and where it runs.

If you’d prefer a physical map, we include a map image in the printed brochure for each individual bus route. Brochures are available for free at all METRO RideStore locations:

  • Downtown Transit Center - 1900 Main St.
  • Fannin South Transit Center - 1604 West Bellfort St.
  • Main Street Square - 1001 Travis St.
  • Northwest Transit Center - 7373 Old Katy Road

Route Alerts or detours could affect your vehicle’s arrival time and/or the length of your trip. Subscribing to receive this information is a convenient way to know before you go.

On the METRO website, you can subscribe to receive notifications direct to your phone or email for the bus, rail, METRORapid and/or METRO curb2curb routes of your choice.

The quickest and easiest signup option can be found on each individual route page.

If you prefer, there’s also a Get Text and Email Alerts page where you can subscribe to multiple routes simultaneously.

All subscriptions are free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you don’t wish to subscribe, you can use any of the following:

  • Routes and Schedules tab on METRO website home page - it will transport you to your route page. If there are any active alerts, a link to view them will be visible near the top of the page.
  • RideMETRO app (click or tap Service Alerts on main menu)
  • ONE to Ride app (a red triangular icon will appear on the screen if your selected route is experiencing a service alert)

You can also use our Trip Planner which is available on:

  • Various pages of the METRO website, including the home page
  • RideMETRO app for your smartphone (“Plan Your Trip” section)
  • ONE to Ride app for your smartphone
  • Google or Apple maps

METRO offers a rider tool called Next Bus Texting. To use it, you'll need to know your stop number. It's posted on the bus stop sign at every bus stop location. Just text that stop number to 697433. We'll then text you back the scheduled arrival time (SC) and estimated real-time arrival (RT) of the next bus for all routes that stop at your location.

Estimated arrival times can also be accessed on:

  • METRO website home page (“Track Bus or Train” tab)
  • ONE to Ride app for your smartphone
  • Automated phone line by dialing 713-635-4000
  • Google or Apple maps

Increasingly, estimated arrival information will also be displayed digitally at bus stop locations and transit centers throughout the region. Transit centers are sheltered waiting areas where you can transfer to other METRO routes and services that provide access to even more destinations. They’re often found at the beginning or end of a bus route. 

These digitally displayed passenger information enhancements are part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, to create a better customer experience.


You can access METRO Park & Ride buses throughout the region at:

  • More than 25 Park & Ride lots
  • Select METRO transit centers

If you don’t require assistance, enter through the front doors, pay your fare and choose an open seat. Please avoid sitting in the priority seating areas for the elderly and people with disabilities, marked by the International Symbol of Access (Wheelchair Symbol).

If you’re using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or walker, wait for the operator to activate an accessible ramp which will allow you easy access through the front doors. You can then pay your fare and proceed to one of the priority seating areas.

Any METRO fare card:

Tap your card on the validator and the fare amount will be deducted. If you prefer to go contactless, you can wave your card close to the validator as well. Make sure the light registers green in the upper right when you tap or wave.

METRO Q Mobile Ticket:

Activate the ticket on your smartphone before boarding. It will display animated colors and motion on your phone. Show that to the bus operator as you board.


Deposit cash and/or coins into the farebox when you board the bus.

No change is given and transfers to other METRO local services aren’t included.

Park & Ride bus amenities allow you to drive less and do more. They include:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Personal overhead light for reading
  • Adjustable air vents for each seat
  • USB outlet and electrical outlet for each seat
  • Overhead storage bins
  • Compartments below the floor for larger items such as bikes or luggage

Rider Tools

Below are some tools to make your METRO riding experience easier and more convenient so you can drive less and do more.

Plan Your Trip

Travel Preference

System Map

Explore METRO transit services near you

Questions and Answers

Valuable information to help you ride

Savings Calculator

Compare your cost of driving vs. what it would cost to ride METRO - and see how much money you'd save each month.

link to the Apple app store to download the RideMETRO app

ONE to Ride App

Plan and manage your trip on METRO Local bus, Park & Ride bus, METRORail or METRORapid using an interactive map.

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