Rail Tips

Customer Purchasing rail ticket at rail platform TVMMake Your Ride on METRORail Fast and Easy

  1. Familiarize yourself with the METRORail system and stations so you will know where to board and exit.
  2. You must have a valid METRORail ticket or a registered tap on your METRO Q® Fare Card before boarding the train.
  3. Have your fare ready for inspection in advance.
  4. While on the platform, listen carefully to all announcements, and be prepared to board once the train arrives.
  5. Stand clear of the doors to allow other passengers to safely exit the train before you board.
  6. Each train has four doors. If a large crowd is waiting to board through the front doorway, avoid overcrowding by boarding at the center or the rear. If a two-car train arrives at the platform, board the rear car.
  7. Do not hold the train doors open for others. This will slow down everyone's ride.
  8. While on board the train, keep personal items out of the aisle.
  9. If you are riding for a short distance (one or two stops), please consider standing.
  10. When on the train, listen closely for your station announcement. Move toward the doors and be prepared to exit once the train has stopped.

Remember, safety starts with YOU. When traveling along the rail line, always STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Trains travel in both directions. Obey all traffic and pedestrian signs and signals and cross the tracks only at designated crossings.