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Route / Connectivity

The METRONext Moving Forward Plan identified a general alignment within the Inner Katy corridor. With input from community stakeholders, METRO conducted a detailed evaluation of the corridor and potential alignment options. The recommendation for the locally preferred alternative (LPA) was presented to the public for feedback in January 2022. METRO Board of Directors approved the LPA in March 2022.

The METRORapid Inner Katy Project is a separate project being developed by METRO. It will be designed to connect with the METRORapid Silver Line at the Northwest Transit Center and enable you to connect between Uptown and Downtown without transferring.

During the planning phase, METRO evaluated potential station locations between Northwest Transit Center and downtown Houston. We assessed the following locations identified in the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, which were ultimately included in the locally preferred alternative (LPA) approved by the METRO Board in March 2022:

  • Shepherd Street/Durham Street
  • Studemont Street
  • Theater District
  • Central Station
  • Convention District

We also evaluated additional potential station locations suggested by the community. Based on this input along with planning studies, the project’s LPA also proposes stations at:

  • Memorial Park
  • Franklin Street / Bagby Street
  • St. Emanuel Street / EaDo (East Downtown)

Based on input from the community, METRO is evaluating how existing and future pedestrian, bicycle and local bus route connections will be integrated with stations.

The METRORapid Inner Katy Corridor Project is planned to provide daily rapid transit service during the day and night. The frequency is expected to be similar to METRORail.

The first phase of the Inner Katy Corridor Project is between Northwest Transit Center and downtown Houston. Planning and design of a connection to the high-speed rail line will be conducted at a later date depending on the progress of the high speed rail project.

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