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METRORapid is a top-of-the-line service that operates like light rail to deliver faster connections and a smooth, convenient ride.

It features:

  • Modern design offering 100% accessibility, with wider doorways and level boarding
  • Outstanding customer amenities such as station-like platforms at every stop
  • Dedicated, transit-only lane to move through traffic
  • Convenient schedule for easy trip planning

The maximum capacity of a METRORapid vehicle is estimated at 126.

This project is part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, to create faster, more reliable and more frequent service. The project will:

Deliver on voter-approved plan

The University Corridor project was a key component of the plan, which was approved by nearly 70% of area voters in 2019.

Increase mobility

The University Corridor is home to some of the region's busiest and most congested streets. Currently, buses in the corridor operate in mixed traffic. This reduces the efficiency for METRO customers and impacts motorists as they wait for buses to load and unload passengers in a shared lane.

The new METRORapid University line will provide:

Frequent service to key destinations

Universally accessible service to multiple residential, business and education centers.

More reliable trips

Transit-only lanes will help reduce travel time and improve schedule reliability for riders.

More connectivity

The line would connect with:

  • Various local METRO bus routes
  • METRORail Red, Green and Purple Lines
  • METRORapid Silver Line in Uptown
  • Multiple METRO Park & Ride facilities
  • Multiple METRO transit centers

More access

  • Serve current riders
  • Accommodate expected population growth in the region
  • Improve access to jobs and economic opportunity

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