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The environmental study has been completed. After review the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) determined that the project does not pose any significant environmental impacts. The FTA determination letter is available to view here. The Categorical Exclusion Checklist/Report summarizes the project’s potential environmental impact on air quality, noise, traffic, land use, historical and cultural resources, and water quality, among other factors. The Categorical Exclusion Checklist/Report may be viewed here.

The project goal is to stay within the existing right-of-way as much as possible. However, METRO anticipates some right-of-way will need to be purchased to accommodate stations, at elevated structures. This will be necessary to address left turns, at certain locations for vehicle traffic, and to improve universal accessibility to meet current City of Houston standards. METRO's intent is to minimize the need for these acquisitions.

METRO continues its assessments of the trees in the right of way. Our intent is to save as many trees as possible during the design process. METRO will develop a tree mitigation plan for any tree removals to be replaced along the corridor and in the vicinity of the project limits.

In addition, we're studying the optimization of sidewalks and preservation of trees along the corridor.

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