Procurement Statistics

The tabs below contain tables showing procurement department activity within the last five years.

Fiscal YearContracts TotalContracts Dollars
FY 18161$144 million
FY 19115$378 million
FY 20135$231 million
FY 21110$671 million
FY 22127$371 million

*Contracts reduced due to Oracle to SAP conversion.

Total Inventory FY 19: $32,754,933
Total Inventory FY 20: $37,941,786
Total Inventory FY 21: $38,681,511
Total Inventory FY 22: $41,409,885

Fiscal YearFY 19FY 20FY 21FY 22
Bus Operating Facilities$18,233,105$18,569,290$20,078,963$22,962,162
Rail Operating Facilities$13,924,183$18,686,048
Non-Revenue Vehicle Facility$563,800$630,543$543,555$610,057
Field Service Center$33,845$55,905$35,010$40,453
Inventory Turns1.531.361.171.27
Obsolete Inventory Removed$151,346$170,111$663,547.05$56,850.96
BOF Service Levels (All Items)99.03%99.37%98.47%97.64%
250 Fast Mover Service Level99.84%100%100%100%
Inventory Accuracy99.54%99.77%99.51%99.68%
Fiscal YearPurchase Order TotalPurchase Order Dollars
FY 1811,500$45 million
FY 1910,997$56 million
FY 2010,359$68 million
FY 218,706$62 million
FY 228,841$76 million

*Purchase Orders increased due to Oracle to SAP conversion.

SalesFY 19FY 20FY 21FY 22
Number of Auctions YTD455364614224
Number of Bids YTD3,9703,6526,6292,480
Auction Proceeds YTD$951,931.78$508,774$1,472,380$142,981.72
Scrap Vehicle Contract YTD$70,219.72$63,479$81,040$77,384.05
Scrap Metal Contract Sales YTD$48,070.09$46,902$52,648$46,271.55
Negotiated Sale to MV TransportationN/AN/AN/AN/A
Electronic Recycling Scrap$8,457.83$1,606$1,527$3,995.38
Alternator Core Buy Back YTD$11,618.00$9,540$16,860$8,725
Scrap Bus Wheels YTDN/A$1,421N/AN/A
Scrap Engine Cradle YTD$693.60N/AN/AN/A
Scrap A/C Compressor Cores (LRV) YTDN/AN/AN/AN/A
Scrap Radiator Cores YTD$3,872.00N/AN/AN/A
Scrap DPF Filters/Soot YTD$9,895.00$12,087$7,335$4,135
BAE Hybrid BatteriesN/A$185N/AN/A
Used Oil Contract $14,596.87$3,907$7,819$18,764.80
Misc Brake Cores and Engine Core PartsN/A$2,755$17,758$11,557
Net Sales YTD:$1,119,354.89$650,656$1,657,367$313,814.50


ActivityFY 19FY 20FY 21FY 22
Small Business Certifications758471538360
Small Business Recertifications105767466
Compliance - SB Annual Goal 35%51%57%25%67%
Compliance - DB (FTA) Annual Goal Achieved35%24%21%46%
Fiscal YearSolicitations TotalIFBRFPRFQRFIRFTP
FY 181017818500
FY 19966825210
FY 20
FY 216032171100
FY 22804824521

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