Fare Card Retailers

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase revenue at your retail location, consider becoming a METRO Fare Card Retailer. More than 200 retailers throughout the Houston region earn 6% commission by allowing METRO riders to obtain or reload METRO Q® Fare Cards and METRO Day Passes. Many of these locations also sell one-way trip tickets, ticket sheets and/or monthly passes for METROLift.

Ticket sales equipment and installation, marketing materials, staff training and tech support are all provided free of charge. To get started or learn more, email RetailNetwork@ridemetro.org or call 713-739-4806.

Presenting METRO Q Fare Card through a clerk window.

Retail Locations

Find retailers who are already earning 6% commission on all sales of METRO fare items. You can become one too!

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Common Questions


If you’re outside the service area but have customers who use METRO services, you can participate.

No. All discounted fare cards have to be obtained online or at a METRO RideStore.

Managing the Program

Call us at 713-739-4806 for phone tech support, available from Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and outside these hours when availability permits. If we’re not able to resolve the issue over the phone, we will schedule an in-person tech support visit at your location.

Yes. You can choose any minimum reload amount you want, including no minimum.

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