METRO curb2curb

Acres Homes curb2curb vehicles

Effective January 2022, METRO’s Community Connector service has been renamed METRO curb2curb. And there’s a new reservation line which is easier to remember: 713-739-RIDE.

All schedules and operations of the service remain unchanged.

METRO curb2curb is a shuttle service, available in certain communities without immediate access to a METRO bus route. It operates in a defined zone and doesn't travel a standard route.

You can either board the vehicle at its scheduled pickup location(s) or schedule a pickup at your location.

The shuttle will then drop you off at your intended destination within the zone (grocery store; doctor's appointment) or a nearby METRO facility where transfers are available to bus services.

For more information, please select the community where you use the service:

Acres Homes (Northwest Houston)

Missouri City, Texas

Kashmere / Trinity Gardens (Northeast Houston)

Hiram Clarke (east of Missouri City) – starting August 21