Transit Centers

7705 Fulton
Houston, TX 77022

METRO will be replacing the existing transit center and will be building a new facility near the existing transit center. This new facility will include the following enhancements:

Facility Enhancements

  • Parking for approximately 500 vehicles in a multi-level garage
  • Full-service transit center seamlessly linking METRO services for the Northside community
  • Attractive landscaping

Service Enhancements

  • Modern facility design to move buses easily in and out of the transit center
  • Covered bus bays
  • Convenient connections to Downtown, Texas Medical Center, and other locations with service options

Safety Enhancements

  • Reduced walking distance for customers
  • Camera-monitored facility with METRO Police patrol
  • Traffic signals to maintain consistent traffic flow


Proposed Northline Transit Center Rendering

Please note: changes may occur during final design

There are two ways you can send us comments or questions about the project:

Call Luis Garcia with our Public Affairs team: 713-739-4059

These are the additional questions that were not answered during the public meeting held on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020.

Q: How much will the project cost?
A: METRO will provide project costs during the final design stage and METRO Board approval. Further, the Federal Transit Administration has agreed to contribute to the project and there may be opportunities for private partners to participate in the project through Transit Opportunity Development.

Q: How do we know if our property will be affected?
A: METRO has contacted property owners that may potentially be affected by the project and will continue to keep them informed as we go through the design process. METRO’s Real Estate department will follow all policies and procedures relative to notification, negotiation, and purchase of any property in the area.

Q: Have any studies been conducted to evaluate the potential impact on the property value of nearby properties?
A: No, that has not been done. However, historically, transit investments have tended to increase property values by increasing access and connectivity. METRO relies on qualified and recognized property appraisers who have the expertise to value property and analyze market trends. As an example, from 2014 to 2018, the Harris County Appraisal District found a 40 to 60 percent growth rate in areas closest to the METRO Red Line corridor.

Q: Will the sky bridge connect to Houston Community College campus?
A: The proposed skybridge is currently planned to extend to the Northline/HCC station platform. The concept will be further refined during final design stages.

Q: Will retail space be considered as part of the new facility?
A: Conceptual plans do include an enclosed space for a variety of possible uses, but there have not been any final decisions made at this point, Space for retail, METRO Police and/or a METRO Ride Store is a possibility.

Q: Based on your current projections, what is the estimated amount of increased traffic to the area due to the construction of this facility?
A: The proposed parking structure would hold approximately 500 vehicles. METRO proposes a new traffic signal at the transit center entrance that would be coordinated with the other traffic signals on Fulton Street. Further, METRO will work with the City of Houston to improve traffic flow in the area.

Q: Will this new facility result in additional bus routes in our area and how many additional riders do you estimate?
A: At this time no new bus routes are proposed for the area. However, METRO regularly evaluates bus service and makes modifications as needed. It is METRO’s practice to engage the public prior to any new service proposal or change to existing service and provide opportunities for customer/public input.

Q: The area near Fulton and Crosstimbers is already congested at peak hours, the light at Fulton and Deerfield will cause further delays, and Berry and Fulton is too narrow to accommodate the additional traffic. Will the roads be expanded?
A: METRO will take into consideration the existing and potential traffic patterns in the area and will work with the City of Houston and/or other regional partners to improve traffic flow by installing traffic signals and other necessary improvements.