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You’re just one step away from taking your company’s benefits to the next level, and getting your employees to work with METRO. Learn more about METRO's Corporate RideSponsor Program.

What is a Corporate Commute Partner?

The Corporate Commute Partner is a Corporate RideSponsor Program that helps companies and groups encourage people to take public transit instead of driving. Riding METRO helps relieve the demand for parking and improves air quality. Employers can even manage the entire program on site via a simple online tool. Plus, it’s easy for employers to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with employee transit programs and payroll deductions for transit fares.



The Benefits

Employer-paid Benefits
Employers can pay each employee to commute using public transit or vanpool – up to $260 per month. This is a tax-free transit benefit for employees.

Employee-paid Benefits
Employers can offer employees the option of exchanging up to $260 per month in taxable salary for a tax-free transit or vanpool benefit.

  • Employees Drive Less - Riding versus driving saves your staff valuable time and gas. They can relax, text, use social media, talk or work freely - all while METRO does the driving.
  • Shared-cost Benefits - Employers can subsidize the cost of public transit or vanpooling and both employer and employee paid benefits are exempt from payroll taxes.
  • Affordable Alternative - No capital investment is required to join METRO's Corporate RideSponsor Program. Employee investment is minimal and the return is happier, and in many cases, more productive employees.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home - This free service provides riders a way home in the event of a midday emergency, up to three times per calendar year in METRO's Corporate RideSponsor Program. You must be registered before-hand and it’s easy to apply. In fact, the application is available on this website under its own page. Please know that some restrictions do apply.

And Everyone Saves on Payroll Taxes
Both employer-paid and employee-paid benefits are exempt from payroll taxes, providing savings for both employees and employers.

Who is Eligible?

  • Private Employers
  • Non-profits
  • Public Agencies
  • Federal Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions

Join METRO's Corporate RideSponsor Program

Email or call Karen Marshall at 713-739-4980.


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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Commute

  1. Take a nap.
  2. Text your friends.
  3. Catch up on those Netflix episodes.
  4. Listen to your personalized play list.
  5. Unplug.
  6. Meditate and use the commute to be more mindful.
  7. Read your email and respond.
  8. Take up knitting or crocheting.
  9. Shop on the Internet.
  10. Start over.