Pedestrian Safety


Pedestrian crossing rail tracks

METRO makes getting around our region quick and easy. But sometimes a bit of walking is required to reach your destination. Whether you're walking in Downtown, Midtown, the Texas Medical Center or other parts of town, METRO wants to help keep you safe with the following safety tips.

Safety Tips

  • Always walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway.
  • Be cautious walking along driveways. Often motorists do not expect or anticipate pedestrians in these areas.
  • Cross the street only at a corner or designated crosswalk.
  • If there are no crosswalks, signs or signals, pedestrians should yield to all vehicles.
  • Always look both ways and over your shoulder (for turning cars) before crossing the street.
  • Never enter the roadway from between parked cars or behind shrubs or bushes.
  • The traffic signal alerts you when it is safe to cross the street. Never cross against it.
  • At intersections with traffic lights and pedestrian signals, wait until you see the WALK signal and look both ways for traffic before crossing. Some pedestrian crossing signals post a countdown to the light change.
  • A flashing DON'T WALK signal warns you it is no longer safe to begin crossing the street.
  • If the DON'T WALK signal begins flashing as you are crossing the street, the timing mechanism provides you with enough time to reach the other side safely.
  • Never cross the street on a steady DON'T WALK signal.