The inside of METROLift bus

Travel Training

Travel Training is a free program that shows you how to ride METRO and get the most out of our bus and light-rail services. Group training is also available. For information, call 713-750-4234 or email to We look forward to working with you. The Travel Training class is open to people who enjoy the benefit of multiple travel options. Plus there is no age restriction or disability requirement - anyone can attend.

How Does It Work?

An EXPERT TRAVEL TRAINER will set up a mobility assessment with you and assist in determining your travel goals. Training sessions will provide FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE riding the bus and rail in the community.

A travel trainer will accompany you on your trips leading up to INDEPENDENT TRAVEL.

How Will It Benefit Me?

Upon successful completion of the Travel Training class, you will possess the SKILLS and CONFIDENCE to ride any and all METRO services, including local fixed-route buses, commuter buses and METRORail.

PLUS, senior citizens and riders with a valid ADA/METROLift ID card can ride METRO's bus and light-rail services at a discounted rate - in some cases FREE! ADA/METROLift cardholders may also bring one personal attendant at no charge.

What Does Travel Training Teach?

The curriculum addresses how to:

  • Planning your trip
  • Using a METROLift Freedom Q® Card
  • Recognizing bus names and numbers
  • Interpreting route maps.
  • Getting on and off the bus with a mobility device
  • Position your mobility device on the bus
  • Recognizing landmarks
  • Request a stop (on buses)
  • Using transfers
  • Finding a METRORail station
  • Dealing with strangers
  • React in an emergency
METROLift Picking up customers at Bayou Place

METROLift Freedom Q® Card

A METROLift Freedom Q® Card allows METROLift customers to ride free on METRO’s local bus, Park & Ride, and METRORail services. Customers are permitted to have one attendant ride along at no cost. All METROLift customers are eligible for a
METROLift Freedom Q® Card. You can pick up your METROLift Freedom Q® Card at METRO’s RideStore located at 1900 Main Street, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

To take advantage of this valuable service, as you board the bus show the bus operator your valid picture METROLift Freedom Q® Card, then tap the card on the 19 Q Card reader. You will hear a beep when the fare has been accepted and a green light will display on the Q Card reader.

The METROLift Freedom Q® Card cannot be used for reduced fare trips on the METROLift Subsidy Program (MSP) or on the METROLift service. If you need information about how to ride METRO using the lift- or ramp-equipped buses, visit the METRO RideStore or call METRO information at 713-635-4000 (TDD 713-635-6993). Brochures, public guides and instructional materials are available for all METRO services. Remember that METROLift is a pre-scheduled service. METRO’s fixed-route bus system can accommodate your needs without any advance scheduling, giving you the freedom to travel where and when you want to as the need arises.

METROLift Subsidy Program (MSP)

MSP is taxicab transportation for certified METROLift patrons who have same-day needs, same-day trip changes and last minute transportation needs that cannot be met by METROLift’s one day in advance reservation service. MSP can be scheduled on the day of service. Patrons pay the first $1.00, METRO pays the next $8.00. The patron then pays any amount over a $9.00 fare. For information, call METROLift Customer Service at 713-225-0119 (TDD 713-652-8969).

Call Yellow Cab Co.............................713-223-0303
Call Fiesta Cab Co..............................713-428-5888

Remember to tell the taxicab representative you need a MSP taxicab.

METROLift Advisory Committee (MAC)

The METROLift Advisory Committee serves as a link between METROLift and the community it serves. MAC is comprised of METROLift riders, METROLift staff and providers of support services to persons with disabilities. Meetings are held throughout the year at various locations. If you would like to participate and need information on future meetings, call a METROLift Customer Service Representative at 713-225-0119, or visit the METROLift website for a list of the current year’s meeting dates, times and locations.