Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) at METRO

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) graphic

Karen Kauffman, Chief Human Resources Officer

Marilyn Moore, Director of EEO & Employee Relations

Julie Hudson, EEO / Title VI Compliance Officer

NOTE: By providing a brief description of your complaint, a preliminary determination will be made as to which division will conduct the investigation. If your concern is of a discriminatory nature, an appointment will be scheduled with the EEO office. If a complaint contains more than one type of issue, e.g., a discrimination complaint and a non-discrimination concern, a dual investigation with Employee Relations may be necessary.

Q: What is the complaint procedure and how long does it take to complete the internal investigation process?
A: Upon receipt of your complaint, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity will conduct an investigation. A representative from the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity will meet separately with the employee who filed the complaint, and the person who is the alleged cause of the complaint, to issue a final determination and/or recommendation.

It is our policy to complete the internal investigation as soon as possible. There may be times when special circumstances lengthen the process.

Q: Who conducts the internal discrimination investigation?
The METRO Office of Equal Employment Opportunity conducts the internal investigation.

Q: What happens if I disagree with the outcome of the internal investigation?
A: You have the option of going to an outside agency; however, METRO is very interested in finding solutions and welcomes feedback regarding your situation.

Q: Is it necessary to file an internal complaint prior to filing with an outside agency?
A: It is not mandatory to file internally prior to filing with an external agency; however, METRO prefers to have an opportunity to resolve concerns internally.

Q: Will the investigation be kept confidential?
A: Confidentiality will be honored to the extent possible permitted by the investigation process. Please note that when a complaint is filed, both sides must be made aware of the allegations and witnesses are interviewed. During the course of the investigation, involved parties are advised of the confidential nature of the investigation and are asked to keep all discussions regarding the complaint confidential.