Executive Leadership Team

Roberto Trevino

Roberto Treviño, P.E.

Executive Vice President, Planning, Engineering, and Construction

“My professional strength comes from being able to work hard and move up through the ranks of METRO - learning every step of the way. I started as a resident engineer and was able to advance, thanks to the opportunities provided by METRO.”
— Roberto Treviño


Roberto Treviño arrived in Houston in 1996 with an eggcrate mattress and a backpack. Fresh out of Texas A&M University - Kingsville with a degree in mechanical engineering, he was eager for opportunity. Houston has always been a city with a well-deserved reputation for welcoming newcomers. But a downturn in the oil and gas industry meant that jobs for ambitious new engineers were scarce. After a year and a half of installing roofs, he threw his mattress and backpack in his truck and headed to Corpus Christi to take a job as a draftsman. He didn’t know it then, but he was on a career path that would ultimately take him to some pretty amazing places.

After honing his skills as a draftsman, he returned to Houston and worked for a plumbing manufacturer, where he finally got a chance to do what engineers love to do - solve problems. He designed new products, such as a better stand for water heaters, and improved fireproofing materials. After that, he moved on to construction, managing projects and conducting inspections.

In 2004, when METRO needed a resident engineer to manage the construction of a new transit center and Park & Ride facility, Treviño had exactly the right background and experience. He could design. He could build. He could manage large and complex jobs. And he could make sure they were done right.

At METRO, Treviño found a place where he could work hard and move up quickly. Within 16 months, he was assigned a project that would ultimately represent one of his proudest professional achievements - the design and construction of the East End rail line extension.

Ultimately, the bulk of the project would be completed in 2015, with the last mile opening in January 2017. It was a tough slog to the finish line, with every imaginable setback: political opposition, funding uncertainty, construction delays, bad weather, and lots of mud. Through it all, Treviño rolled with the punches, constantly coming up with solutions for every new set of problems. He never gave up. The lessons he took from the experience would probably fill a book. But it’s unlikely he’ll find the time to write it.

In 2014, he became executive vice president of Planning, Engineering, and Construction, responsible for the oversight and management of METRO’s Service Planning, System Planning, Engineering, and Construction and Facilities Maintenance divisions.

Treviño’s other major METRO project was the implementation of the New Bus Network in 2015. That project represented the first overhaul and redesign of Houston’s local bus system since 1978. The system was a resounding success with riders in Houston and the world at large. Nearly three dozen cities around the nation, and countries from as far away as New Zealand, are emulating Houston’s model and methods, as they work to update their own transit systems to meet the needs of growing populations.

Treviño grew up in Taft, Texas - population, 3,000. Despite his many years of living in Houston, he still marvels at the region’s population density and is proud of METRO’s continuing ability to keep people moving.

Professional Associations and Activities

  • METRO Alternate Member, Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) Technical Advisory Committee
  • Graduate, American Leadership Forum, Class XXXVIII

Civic Activities

  • Board Member, Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation


  • Recipient, Association of Fraud Examiners Lifetime Achievement Award

Education and Certifications

  • Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), State of Texas
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Texas


Phone: 713-739-6062