Bus Shelter Program


Bus shelter being placed by crane


The Passenger Bus Shelter Program is an initiative to install bus shelters throughout the METRO service area. The program consists of the design and construction of new shelter foundations, as well as the fabrication and installation of standard passenger bus shelters. This program reinforces METRO’s commitment to reinvesting in the agency’s backbone – the bus system. Public response has been very positive. Bus shelters provide patrons both safety and protection from the elements.

For a bus stop to qualify for shelter placement, it must score 35 or more points, according to the point system below:

  • Daily boardings – 1 point
  • Transfer points – 2 points
  • Proximity to light-rail system – 5 points
  • Proximity to major activity centers – 15 points for hospital or assisted living facility; 5 points for apartment complex, shopping center, mall or entertainment complex.

If the location meets the criteria above, the site will be evaluated for feasibility, including right-of-way, funding and engineering. Special shelter requests and/or partnership agreements will be considered on a site-by-site basis.

You may request a new bus shelter or bus stop to be placed in your area. Please report any concerns about an existing shelter or bus stop via the following: