July 2023

Class Is in Session: METRO Offers Half-Price Fares to Students


As a student, you probably know that your schedule can be very tight and your budget even tighter. Fortunately, METRO has you covered with half-priced fares throughout the school year.

With the Student METRO Q® Fare Card, getting to your desired destination is quick and easy. According to METRO Client Services Director Karen Marshall, taking advantage of discounted student fares is a smart way to save money and get where you need to go.

"Instead of spending money on fuel, insurance, parking, and other car-related expenses, students can save it for more important things like school supplies, clothing, food, and housing," explained Marshall.

The Student METRO Q® Fare Card offers various benefits such as half-priced fares for local bus, METRORapid, METRORail, METRO curb2curb, and METRO Park & Ride services. The card also offers tap-and-go convenience, free three-hour transfers in any direction, five free rides for every 50 paid rides, and card balance protection if the card is lost or stolen.


Getting your Student METRO Q® Fare Card is simple. Just complete a METRO Student Q Card registration form online, by mail, or in person at a METRO RideStore.

To qualify for the card, K-12 students need to provide a current school ID, class schedule, enrollment form, report card, or a Student METRO fare card registration form signed by a parent or guardian.

College and trade school students must provide a government-issued photo ID and proof of credit hours, current class schedule with tuition receipt, enrollment verification letter, or a Student METRO Q® Fare Card registration form signed and stamped by the school registrar. Many colleges also offer on-campus registration. Contact your school to see if it participates, or visit our website.

By taking METRO, you can save money and have more time to do the things you love, like getting a head start on your homework or decompressing after a long day. Visit RideMETRO.org to learn more about discounted student fares.

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