September 2023

METRO Bike Share Initiative: Connecting Commuters, Enhancing Mobility


There is exciting news for METRO riders! On Sept. 28, METRO's Board of Directors approved an ambitious multi-year contract, paving the way for a groundbreaking bike share program.

Taking a cue from cities like Austin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert sees the integrated bike share program as a major stride toward enriching the Houston region's transportation system.

"This is part of METRO's vision for a truly multimodal system that will optimize first and last-mile connections to transit," said Lambert. "A trip might begin with someone cycling, followed by connections to bus, rail, or curb-to-curb services. This initiative empowers individuals with a broader array of travel choices and will help support overall transit ridership."

From greater accessibility and ridership to reduced congestion and parking demand, integrating transit and bike share systems offers a range of benefits that enhance the overall transportation experience for commuters and the environment.

Going Multimodal: On Sept. 28, METRO's Board of Directors approved an ambitious multi-year contract, paving the way for a groundbreaking bike share program that is integrated with existing transit services.


Key Features

Improved Accessibility and Mobility: METRO's bike share program will introduce 140 E-bikes stationed at 20 solar-ready locations in proximity to transit hubs, with the potential for expansion to 100 stations. This strategic integration simplifies the process of combining biking with public transit, effectively addressing first and last-mile challenges and improving overall accessibility and mobility.

Effortless Payment and Access: The integration of METRO's bike share program into its ADA-compliant fare payment system ensures a smooth and accessible user experience This unified platform empowers commuters to effortlessly locate bikes, check their availability, and make payments, transforming multimodal transportation into a hassle-free reality.

Affordable Pricing: METRO remains steadfast in its dedication to ensuring all transit services remain accessible to everyone. The bike share program will offer affordable pricing options, making it an attractive choice for a wide spectrum of commuters.

What's Next?

METRO will enter into a three-year contract with two additional one-year options with PBSC Urban Solutions for the implementation and operation of the bike share program. Anticipated to roll out by the summer of 2024, METRO’s bike share program aims to enhance daily travel, making commutes more efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable.

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