October 2023

New Safety Initiative Aims to Prevent Crashes Along METRORail

Image of new rail safety signage indicating no turns to automobile traffic.


In October, METRO’s Safety Department launched a pilot project to help prevent collisions caused by motorists turning in front of trains on the METRORail Red Line. A dozen signs have now been installed that could cut the number of crashes.

Data from FY21 to June 2023 shows nearly 44% of the collisions were caused by vehicles making illegal left turns.

“Motorists are distracted or sometimes confused because they are unfamiliar with the area,” said Director of Safety Mohammed Boukhriss. “They could potentially make a mistake and make a turn where they are not supposed to, or they could ignore the sign and turn anyway.”

After analyzing the data, the Safety Department researched crash prevention methods from other transit agencies across the country and modified them to fit METRO’s system.

The pilot project focuses on sign visibility, installing additional ‘no left turn’ signs at eye level at 12 intersections with the most collisions along the Red Line.

Up close photo of new no left turn sign along rail line.
View of a safety sign at night from inside a car.
Signs are affixed to yellow pedestrian poles installed 40 feet from each intersection.


“Safety is a core value at Houston METRO, and we are always trying to find ways to improve it,” said Boukhriss. “We hope this pilot project improves safety, not only for our employees but for motorists.”

The signs are affixed to yellow pedestrian poles, which are installed 40 feet from each intersection.

Over the next year, METRO will track collisions at the pilot locations to assess the effectiveness of the project before potentially installing more signs.

The eye-level signs are located at the following intersections:

  • Fannin Street and University Boulevard
  • Main Street and Alabama Street
  • Main Street and Webster Street
  • Fannin Street and John Freeman Boulevard
  • Main Street and Elgin Street
  • Main Street and St. Joseph Parkway
  • Main Street and Gray Street
  • Main Street and Commerce Street
  • Harrisburg Street and Sampson Boulevard
  • Main Street and McGowen Street
  • Main Street and Prairie Street
  • Main Street and Franklin Street
Watch Video: Learn more about a new pilot project that aims to prevent collisions caused by motorists turning in front of trains.

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