October 2022

MPD Officers Extend Hands of Hope to Man in Need

Group of MPD officers being recongnized by METRO Board


MPD Officer Brian McDonough was finishing his shift when he encountered a distraught young man standing at the doors of METRO’s Administration Building in downtown Houston.

“He was crying,” said McDonough. “He asked me if I spoke Spanish and said he had ten dollars in his pocket and needed help to get reunited with his sister.”

McDonough learned the man’s name was Guillermo Rodriguez, and he had arrived from Venezuela. Rodriguez showed McDonough and other MPD officers his immigration papers and told them that after processing, he was given a bus ticket to Houston and now had nowhere to go.

The officers first secured temporary housing for Rodriguez. Then, they all went above and beyond.

“I actually called my wife on the way home,” said McDonough. “She said, ‘you’ve done it before. Do it again.’ So, I posted something up on my personal Facebook page.”

Soon, donations began to come in. With help from others, McDonough was able to purchase a bus ticket to New York City for the young man to reunite him with family members. Fellow MPD officers also chipped in to help with the journey.

“Officer Julianna Moreno purchased a cell phone, socks, clothing, and other essentials he would need for his trip,” said McDonough. “Definitely a team effort. Other officers on my shift helped too.”

At METRO’s October Board meeting, McDonough, and his colleagues, including Officers Jose Gonzalez, Noe Gonzalez, Brendon Hernandez, Julianna Moreno, and Alexis Carvajales, were recognized for their acts of compassion and goodwill. 

“Each of you exemplifies the very best of METRO and, quite frankly, humanity,” said METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert. “We thank you for that and for your outstanding service.”

McDonough said serving his community is all in a day’s work. He added that Rodriguez said he is forever grateful to MPD for coming to his aid. 

“He tells me that he’s blessed that he met me and the other officers that helped him,” said McDonough. “He will be a lifelong friend. I believe that.”

Watch Video: MPD officers go above and beyond to help a young man in need.

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