October 2023    No. 266

Important Employee Notes!

Important Employee Notes

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METRO has been named one of the healthiest places to work in America. The Authority comes in at #29 on the top 100 list from “Healthiest Employers” scored by Springbuk.

The group annually evaluates companies in six categories; Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communications and Marketing, Programming and Interventions, Reporting and Analytics.

Of the companies on this year’s list:

  • 100% utilize specific metrics or key performance indicators in the strategic planning of their health and wellness programs
  • 97% provide tuition reimbursement opportunities to employees 
  • 96% incorporate Social Determinants of Health into their programs
  • 90% have a formal mentoring program to help employees advance in the workplace
  • 81% are on a hybrid schedule while 19% are completely in-person (None are fully remote)
  • 78% offer paid maternity leave
  • 23% have implemented company-wide no-meeting days/times each week


Way to go METRO!

See the full “Top 100” list >

Another Award Winner!

METRO continues to pick up awards for its Urban Design Manual.

This time, it’s a Gold Award from the Texas Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The award will be presented at a ceremony in Corpus Christi on November 10.

METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert congratulated Urban Design lead Brandie Lockett and Planning Program Manager Aubin Phillips who led development of the manual.

Lambert said this award brings great awareness and a positive impression of METRO’s Urban Design Manual. It is being used by planners, designers and others, both inside and outside the Authority, to build for the future. METRO’s goal is to make transit a destination location.


Bridge For the Future

METRO proudly cut the ribbon on the latest addition to its continually expanding METRONext portfolio: the Post Oak Road Pedestrian Bridge, near the Northwest Transit Center.

The October event marks another significant stride for the METRONext regional transit plan, aimed at enhancing mobility and improving quality of life for residents throughout the region.

Construction on the newly completed steel-truss bridge began in February 2022. It is 600 feet long and spans 17 lanes of the Katy Freeway. The 14-foot-wide shared-use path offers pedestrians and bicyclists a secure and convenient way to get from one side of the freeway to the other.

The bridge also serves as a vital link for commuters to and from the transit center and connects customers to popular destinations like Memorial Park.

The bridge serves as a vital link for commuters going to and from METRO's Northwest Transit Center. It’s also a key connector to popular destinations like Memorial Park.

METRO President and CEO Tom Lambert extended his gratitude to the METRO Board for its visionary leadership and to METRO staff involved in turning the project into reality.

"This project is a remarkable addition to Houston's urban landscape and underscores METRO's unwavering commitment to creating a more accessible and vibrant city for all,” said Lambert. “The Post Oak Road Pedestrian Bridge symbolizes progress, forging connections between people, places, and possibilities. Its realization is a testament to the hard work and dedication of METRO employees."

MPD Works to Strengthen Community Connections


In early October, MPD’s Peer Support Team partnered with the Faith & Blue Campaign — a nationwide initiative bringing together law enforcement and local faith communities. This year’s event took place at the Holy Rosary Church festival near Midtown Houston.

Community members were warmly welcomed at the MPD booth and enjoyed visiting with officers, neighbors, and fellow parishioners.

MPD Officer Omar Franklin guided children on a tour of a patrol vehicle. They also had a chance to take memorable photos with an MPD motorcycle.

MPD Officer Omar Franklin gives a tour of a patrol vehicle.

Children loved having their picture taken on an MPD motorcycle.

METRO Police Chief Vera Bumpers said events like Faith & Blue create invaluable opportunities for community members to interact with their local law enforcement officers, get to know them on a personal level, and discuss public safety concerns and community issues in a more informal and approachable setting.

“Campaigns like Faith & Blue help us strengthen the bonds between our police officers and the communities we serve,” said Bumpers. “It is one of the many ways our department aims to enhance transparency and build trust.”


Celebrating Culture and Contributions

METRO celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with a virtual program on October 12.

It included a discussion across the generations with METRO employees. The panelists were Sr. Public Engagement Representative Christine Moreno-Conner (Baby Boomer), Small Business Compliance Specialist Lucinda Lopez Brown (Gen X), Director of Public Facilities Miguel Zavala (Millenial), and Construction Site Representative Hozbaldo Silva (Gen Z).

There was also a trivia contest led by Director of Transportation Service Operations Israel Garcia.

If you missed the program, no worries – you can watch a recording of it HERE!


Looking Ahead to Veterans Day

METRO is planning a virtual program for Veterans Day and Inside Track will be featuring employees who have served our country in its November edition.

If you are a veteran who is interested in being profiled for the newsletter, please email InsideTrack@RideMETRO.org or Media@RideMETRO.org

You are encouraged to let colleagues know as well, in case they are interested.


It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning!

METRO’s Retirement Team held informational sessions throughout the month of October. Topics included Medicare, Social Security, retirement savings accounts, life insurance and much more. The sessions were not just for those ready to retire or considering retiring in the next few years. They were for anyone wanting to plan ahead. All of the sessions were recorded so employees can access the information as time permits.

View recordings >

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