Reimagining Map


…a transit system for the Houston region that lets more people get to more places, more quickly, more of the time.

UPDATE – Initial implementation of the System Reimagining Plan is coming August 16,

2015 as METRO’s New Bus Network! Download the new system map and information here.
The System Reimagining Plan was approved by the METRO Board of Directors on February
11, 2015. Explore the approved map here!
The System Reimagining Plan has been developed to meet these goals with the following benefits:

  • Responding to you! You’ve asked for simpler, faster, more frequent service, better service on weekends, and more ways to get where you’re going. That’s what this network offers.

  • The bus is always coming. On the new Frequent Network, which connects a million residents and a million jobs, the bus is always coming within the next 15 minutes.

  • Go when you want to go, including weekends! The routes in the proposed network run all weekend, just as frequently as the weekday midday . Getting around on Saturday and Sunday will be much easier than it is today.

  • Service you can remember. The routes themselves are simpler, straighter and easier to remember and since most routes come more often you can spend less time waiting or worrying about the schedule.

  • More reliable. Many of our delays result from buses stopped by freight trains and are compounded by long, complicated routes. The proposed network reduces the number of street level freight rail crossings by 30% each day. The new routes are shorter, come more often, and have virtually no branches so we can do a better job of keeping them

  • A network for the Houston of today, and tomorrow. The Houston region is dynamic and growing. The new system serves the biggest job and activity centers, and is ready to grow with the multi­centered region of the future.on time.