Trip Planners

Several ways to plan your trip or download the METRO TRIP App for your mobile phone.


METRO Trip Planner

Select the trip itinerary that works best for you, using METRO bus and rail service. Use Trip Planner to plan your trip. Schedules - View and print schedules for the routes, stops and range of times you need. Locations Lookup - Find bus stops, and routes that serve them, nearest your location or destination, then plan a trip to or from the stop.


Google Transit - Trip Planner

Google Maps logo

Create a transit trip itinerary using METRO service and view nearby points of interest, satellite images and street views. You can get walking distance from location to location.

Use Google Transit to plan your trip. Get transit directions on your mobile devices with Google Maps.

How To Read METRO Detours On Google Transit


1. Type in location in address field, then click "Directions" link.

Google Transit Get Directons


2. Three steps:

  1. Enter in second location address, in this example, traveling from Northwest Cypress Park & Ride to 1900 Main St., Houston, TX 77002
  2. Select transit icon link.
  3. Select "More options and times" link.

Google Transit three steps map


3. After clicking on "More options and times." You will see a screen with specific route times and date options, along with a detour symbol under the route 217. Click on that detour icon to see details on detour.

Google Transit detour route map



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