State of Good Repair


State of Good Repair (SOGR) is an initiative launched by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in 2010 to maintain the nation’s bus and rail systems. FTA defines State of Good Repair as an effort that “includes sharing ideas on recapitalization and maintenance issues, asset management practices, and innovative financing strategies. It also includes issues related to measuring the condition of transit capital assets, prioritizing local transit re-investment decisions and preventive maintenance practices.”

SOGR is a key priority at the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, and we are committed to ensuring the best in safe, reliable, cost-effective and responsive transit services.

Achieving a SOGR is incorporated in METRO’s goals and objectives and includes developing a plan that:

  1. Reflects a comprehensive understanding of the system and its condition, and the strategic direction of the system.
  2. Supports the enhancement of the transit service while maintaining the overall condition of the basic infrastructure
  3. Prioritizes expenditures so that there is a maximum return on investment
  4. Supports the seamless transition of the system from one in a start up mode, to one in a renewal mode
  5. Ensuring current service levels are supported
  6. Maintaining a “state of good repair”
  7. Keeping maintenance practices current
  8. Evaluating asset replacement

For projecting future capital needs, METRO will, in the very near future, begin to prepare a 20-year need forecast and budget-constrained recapitalization program to be updated on an annual basis.

Future needs will be estimated based on a set of assumptions regarding asset lifecycles specified for each asset type (and subtype, in the case of assets such as track and structures). The needs forecast and recapitalization plan when completed will be submitted to the Board of Directors and summarized in METRO’s annual report.

So what does State of Good Repair mean for you . . . it means METRO is establishing a systematic method of ensuring the safety, sustainability and reliability of every aspect of our system. It is all part of METRO's mission to provide first-class transit services.