METRO STAR Vanpool & Carpool

METRO STAR vanpool

Commute Better

If you’re already familiar with METRO STAR Vanpool and would like to register for the service, click the button below.


If you’re not familiar with METRO STAR Vanpool, we’re your low-cost, stress less, escape plan from the daily rush. Say goodbye to the insanity of stop-and-go traffic and hello to a more rewarding commute ANYWHERE within our eight-county region.

Travel Smart

Commute in style on our region’s HOV network, which saves you time, avoids traffic and promotes cleaner air.

Save Money

Drive less and save more on gas, while reducing the cost of vehicle maintenance.

Stress Less

Enjoy more “me” time while you relax and take back your commute.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One vanpool has the potential of preventing up to 65.9 tons of CO2 per year from polluting our region’s environment. (Source: United States Environmental Protection Agency) Get your new commute started today by emailing us at or calling 713-224-7433.