Proclamation No. 2019-1


In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas, which is commonly referred to as “METRO” by the millions of residents and passengers in the Houston area who frequent its system, was formed following the passage of a referendum by voters in 1978, and commenced operations in January 1979, replacing an aging fleet of buses that was in decline with only 400 vehicles in operation at the time; and

WHEREAS, over the next four decades, METRO was transformed into a multi-modal transit system with an expansive network of over 1,200 buses, three light-rail lines spanning a combined total of 22.7 miles, 27 Park & Ride facilities, High Occupancy Vehicle lanes, vanpool services, a curb-to-curb paratransit service, and emergency management services; and

WHEREAS, METRO provided more than 116 million rides on its transit system in 2018, and has provided an astounding 3.5 billion rides to persons in the Houston area over the past 40 years; and

WHEREAS, since its inception, METRO has been a pioneer in transit, leading the way in various areas including, the first transit agency in the State of Texas to have its own police department, the creation and adoption of the New Bus Network which has become a model for transit agencies internationally, and a leader in serving the senior and disabled communities with METRO vehicles that are 100 percent ADA accessible; and

WHEREAS, METRO has had a longstanding focus on innovation to enhance customer experience as part of its culture, which is illustrated by it being the only transit agency in the country to offer My Stop technology using Bluetooth beacons to help customers locate stops easily and by it preparing to launch an autonomous pilot shuttle service on the campus of Texas Southern University in 2019; and

WHEREAS, in addition to its leadership in transit, METRO has received numerous recognitions and awards during the past 40 years including:

  • American Public Transportation Association Hall of Fame, Robert G. MacLennan, METRO General Manager;
  • 1984 American Public Transportation Association “Outstanding Public Transportation System”;
  • 1985 American Public Transportation Association “Outstanding Public Transportation Manager”, Alan F. Keipper, METRO General Manager;
  • 1988 American Public Transportation Association “Nation’s Safest Transit System”;
  • 1990 American Public Transportation Association “Distinguished Service”, Anthony W. Hall, METRO Board Chair;
  • 1995 American Public Transportation Association “Public Transportation System Innovation”;
  • 2001 American Public Transportation Association “Distinguished Service”, Lee P. Brown, City of Houston Mayor;
  • 2015 American Public Transportation Association “Transit Agency of the Year”;
  • 2017 Texas Transit Association “Outstanding Metropolitan Transit System”;
  • 2018 U.S. Department of Transportation “Region Six Transit System of the Year”;
  • 2018 American Public Transportation Association “Bus Safety & Security”;
  • 2018 American Public Transportation Association “Transit Manager”, Thomas C. Lambert, METRO President & CEO; and

WHEREAS, METRO is a vital community asset which continues to partner with other transit leaders to assist the region in satisfying the future mobility needs of its burgeoning population.


The Board of Directors hereby celebrates METRO’s 40 years of transformative and exceptional service to the public; expresses its deepest gratitude to the community members and leaders, past and present drivers, dispatchers, schedulers, mechanics, supervisors, managers, police officers and other staff who have helped METRO become the service it is today; and urges all persons in the Houston area to “RideMETRO”!

Approved this 24th day of January 2019, and hereunto signed on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas.

Carrin F. Patman signature

Carrin F. Patman,