METRO Boosts Customer Service On Three Fronts

October 3, 2005

In an effort to help customers, including new arrivals figure out how to get around town, METRO has launched a three-pronged customer service in initiative that should make travel easier for native and newcomer alike.

The initiative makes route and schedule information available almost instantly, and provides detailed trip planning services both by telephone and on the internet.

The three elements are:

  • On-line trip planning. Available at, this tool allows a rider to enter starting point or address, destination and time of travel, and have the entire trip planned by computer.
  • Interactive Voice Recording. Riders can dial 713-635-4000 or 713-739-4000 and respond to a number of basic questions by pressing the buttons on their touch-tone phones. Their responses can take them to route information, schedules, and the time the next bus will arrive at their stop.
  • METRO Call Center. Operators at the METRO call center are now using trip-planning software similar to that available on line, so persons without web access can simply call the center with their location, destination and time of travel, and get the same detailed trip-planning help over the phone.