METRO Providing Customized Transportation Services

September 23, 2005, 7 p.m.

In the last 48 hours METRO has provided on-demand, customized transportation services using 1,000 Metro buses, contract buses, METROLift vehicles, school buses and taxis. The vehicles transported 20,000 people during 4,500 trips.

Emergency evacuations requested through 911 transported 9,500 people to safe havens.

Thursday night 350 volunteers offloaded 45,000 bottles of water from 2 tractor-trailers onto 18 buses for distribution to stranded motorists on Interstate 45, Interstate 10 and Highway 290. Another 10 buses from our West bus facility also made water deliveries to stranded motorists.

Friday, beginning at noon, METRO conducted three sweeps and collected 150 stranded motorists and others requiring emergency shelter. They were transported to 14 destinations including Barnett stadium, Butler stadium, Delmar Stadium, Honea Baptist Church, Humble Civic Center and Jersey Village Civic Center.

METRO arranged two trains to transport 300 evacuees from Galveston to San Antonio using Amtrak and 450 from Houston to Dallas using Trinity Railroad.

The Motorist Assistance Program delivered fuel to approximately 200 vehicles and wrecker trucks on a spot basis on Interstate 45 all the way to Conroe. METRO thanks the 40 volunteers who helped fuel the vehicles.

All normal and emergency services have been suspended until it is safe to resume operations.