METRO's New Bus Network

About METRO’s New Bus Network

METRO has “reimagined” its entire local bus network, and we think you’ll like the results.

On February 11, 2015, METRO’s board of directors approved the Reimagined Bus Network Plan – an innovative system of routes designed on where people want to go today, and tomorrow. The routes work together to create a network, with better connections, weekend service and much more.

More Service

  • Linking you to more destinations. METRO's New Bus Network improves trips to key activity centers throughout the region and offers the flexibility for growth.
  • We're ready for the weekend. Frequent weekend service gives you more freedom to go where you want, when you want- seven days a week.

Better Service

  • Simpler routes. We're simplifying our routes with improved connections and fewer branches.
  • Better connections. With routes that work together, the system gives you more connections to destinations in our region.

Your Service

  • A sustainable system. We've created a network that not only serves our community today, but anticipates the possibility of expansion into tomorrow.
  • A bus network linking people and places. The frequent bus network connects more than one million people to one million jobs, with shorter wait times for buses.
  • lt’s all about you. We want to make these improvements to give you the best transit service possible. The most important part of this plan Is YOU.

It’s a whole new way to ride.


Interactive Dual Trip Planner

Interactive Dual Trip Planner

The Dual Trip Planner is an interactive tool that will display a trip in the current system and the New Bus Network local route in a side-by-side view. Enter your starting point and your destination. The screen splits into two views with the current system on the left and the New Bus Network system on the right.


Take a Test Ride of Your New Bus Network

See METRO’s New Bus Network in action with our New Bus Network interactive map.

A basic interactive service map shows bus routes exclusively on the New Bus Network and can work on tablets and smart phones. Hover over a route and you can see a thumbnail of the route. Click the route to see how often the bus runs on weekdays and weekends. You can also see a map of where the bus stop is located, along with a schedule.

The individual routes on the map are color-coded by their base network frequency, or how often the bus comes at each stop on a route. The base network is the network that would be in place during the weekday midday and weekend time periods (many routes would run more often during the morning and evening peak commuting periods). 

  • Red Routes: The frequent network means local buses run every 15 minutes or better, at least 15 hours a day, seven days a week, on major streets, serving neighborhoods, jobs, education, medical care, and retail. Whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, frequent local will get you there.
  • Blue Routes: Local buses run every 16 to 30 minutes with many of the characteristics of the frequent network. These provide connections to many places in the METRO Service Area.
  • Green Routes: Local buses run every 31 to 60 minutes, at least 14 hours a day, seven days a week, connecting more neighborhoods and other destinations to the network. These local buses connect to transit centers, frequent local buses, and rail.
  • Orange Routes: Express services that run weekday peak hours only. Large segments of the routes use the freeway to speed up their trips, connecting people to jobs and activity centers like downtown.
  • METRORail: Color-coded by route name. Connects to major activity centers like downtown, the Texas Medical Center, and major universities. Operates frequently, every six to 12 minutes, and fast, bypassing traffic by running in its own lane.

View a route-by-route breakdown of the draft routes (including key destinations) here.


How Did We Get Here?

Before we arrived at an entirely redesigned New Bus Network, METRO was out in the community seeking public input to determine the needs of our region.

Take a look back at the process that got us to METRO’s New Bus Network on our System Reimagining satellite site.



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