My METRO photo of riders


Ileana photo


My name is Ileana and I am a small business owner and athlete.

I ride METRO’s 82 Westheimer route from home, work, to the gym, as well as outings with friends. I am a Paralympic swimmer who represented the U.S. in London 2012, and I rely on METRO to help me with my daily travels. I love the ease and accessibility of METRO’s services, which allows me to relax and avoid the stress of rush hour traffic and parking.

My name is Ileana, and this is my METRO.

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Marty photo


Hi, my name is Martina, and I ride the 244 Monroe Park & Ride. I work at HPD in downtown.

I started riding METRO about 10 years ago for various reasons, but the most important reason was for my health. Riding METRO has helped reduce my stress. Using public transportation relaxes me before and after going to work. Riding the bus has made a big impact on my life.

My name is Martina, and this is my METRO.

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Catherine photo


My name is Catherine, I dance at a ballet academy downtown.

My mother is a single mom who works full time and does not have the time to take me to ballet class everyday.

When I was 12, I got my METRO card and since gotten 600 rides.

Now at age 15, METRO has helped shape me into who I am today and to achieve my goals.

I continue to thank METRO because without it, I might not be able to grow my passion for ballet.

My name is Catherine, and this is my METRO.

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Zack photo


My name is Zack.

My mom works, so I ride METRO’s 52 to school everyday.

I’m the drum major for Kashmere’s Thunder Soul marching band.

Every time I hit the field, it’s like a dream.

I just feed off of the energy. But my real dream is to go from the Thunder Soul to the Ocean of Soul at TSU.

And METRO’s gonna take me there. I’m Zack…and this is my METRO.

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Catherine photo


Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m a combat veteran.

I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident and I am a METRO rider.

After I moved to Houston, my car broke down the first week I was here.

There was a Park & Ride outside of the neighborhood.

I just rolled across the street, jumped on the bus and it was stress-free.

I found hand cycling by way of Achilles International.

This will be the third time I participate in the Chevron Houston Marathon.

If whenever I cross the finish line it gives one person a glimpse of hope, then I’m happy.

My name is Jeff and this is my METRO.

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Fredy photo


Hi, my name is Fredy. I started riding METRO about two years ago, using the 45 to home from school. Now, I’ve been using the Red Line to go to Café College, where they help and give important information for college.

With all my heart, I can tell you that riding METRO and the Red Line is super important, and you can enjoy the environment of the surrounding communities!

My name is Fredy, and this is my METRO.

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Kate photo


I started the blog, because we bought our house near the newly extended Purple Line.

I think that if you’ve never lived in a place that has accessible public transportation, you may not know how awesome it really is.

And as a new parent, our experience on the rail becomes an adventure for her.

Having reliable accessible public transit like we do with METRO makes living and working in the city even better.

My name is Kate, and this is my METRO.

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