METROLift Vehicles

METROLift 2013 bus interior showing top hand rail option
METROLift bus interior showing camera
METROLift bus with lift down and operator holding controller
Bus lift down and doors open, and operator with controller.
METROLift bus lift going up
METROLift bus lift going up to final closing stage
METROLift bus exterior lift completed with doors open
METROLift bus exterior of lift going up to final closing stage
METROLift bus exterior with side lift doors closed.
Interior of METROLift bus with lift up.
Interior of METROLift bus window view
wide view of interior facing front of METROLift bus.
wide view of interior facing back of METROLift bus with seats
Exterior view of METROLift bus side door open
METROLift vehicle parked in neighborhood

Using Automated Services
It is highly recommended for clients to utilize one of three technology options to schedule, cancel, or check trips. By doing so, you are not only eliminating holding on the line for the next representative, but you are also helping staff to provide good, prompt service.

Not sure which one to use? The summary chart provides a basic overview of each. Remember, on-time service depends upon a partnership among our patrons, drivers and METRO staff.

Improving Service
METROLift is continuously seeking ways to improve service while engaging with customers. In 2013, METRO launched METROLift Moving Forward, an initiative examining nine areas of interest. For updates and more information on METROLift Moving Forward.


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